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Will the ASUS GTX570 DirectCU II fit in my motherboard?

I'm looking to get a new GTX570 card for my pathetically outdated system :D .
Current system specifications:
600w PSU (I think :na: )
My main question, will the ASUS card fit in my motherboard?

Also asking for opinions, the ASUS GTX570 DirectCU II vs EVGA GeForce GTX 570 Superclocked

Amazon links:

Any constructive help would be very much appreciated.
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  1. Why does no one answer me... :(
  2. Yes it will and that rig isn't very out dated IMO ;). Get the GTX 570 SuperClock btw ;). What is your case length limit btw? Mine is 320mm for a Video Card to give you an example.
  3. Aside from the GPU, your rig isn't pathetically outdated. You should have no problems fitting either card onto the board. though with the ASUS, you'd better make sure you have the two slots below your PCI-E x16 aren't populated with other expansion cards, that is one big cooler. The question would be what case do you have? If you have a really small case you may run into issues fitting one of those cards. As long as the 600 Watt PSU is of decent quality it should be more than enough for 1 GTX 570, it would help to know a brand and model number on it.
  4. Unfortunately, I don't know the model of my PSU.
    I was thinking of replacing it with something from Cosair.
    Now, another question, would waiting for nVidia's 2012 release be more feasible or rather getting one GTX570 now?
    I saw from an article on Tomshardware that the new gpus from nvidia would only be released in Q1/2 and the higher end cards only in Q3/4/2012.

    Oh, and my case is pretty big, my current graphics card is the same dimensions as the EVGA GTX570 superclocked.
  5. nvidia's new GPUs are still a while off, AMD is supposedly releasing their new cards within the next 2 or 3 months, so if you aren't happy with your game performance and don't want to go for an AMD card it probably would be better to buy now. The 570 is a very powerful card, unless you are running at an extremely high resolution there are very few games that can really challenge it. If you are still happy with the GTS 250's performance and are willing to wait six months for an upgrade, you do have that option. By today's standards the GTS 250 is pretty weak, unless you are running a lower resolution display like 1280x1024 I probably would upgrade now. It is doubtful that the performance gains in the 600 series are really going to be worth waiting the extra six months, especially when so few games give current high end cards like the 570 that much trouble.

    You should be able to find out the make and model of your PSU by checking the label mounted on the side of the unit. If it doesn't have such a label, I doubt it is a very reputable power supply, and I wouldn't trust it with a GTX 570.
  6. My GTS 250 surprisingly, still handles the games I play with acceptable performances.
    Anyway, being based in Singapore, I was planning to buy the card from Amazon Export Sales.
    But browsing around on the net, I've found that local retailers have the Palit GTX570 Sonic Platinum at 489SGD(approximately 381.7USD), while importing via Amazon will cost 439USD + waiting time and the troublesome return process if it turns out DOA.
    Being the indecisive person I am, please tell me what to do :P
  7. It depends on which games you play, and at what resolution you play them at. If you aren't playing the latest and most intensive DX11 titles, and you have a lower resolution display, you may not need to upgrade now. It would help to know what you're playing and your screen resolution if you want a better recommendation.

    I would say buy locally if you do get a card, it is cheaper for you, and as you said, it is easier to handle returns if you get a bad card. It's best to avoid the hassle of an international RMA process.
  8. Well, I play games like Skyrim and Deus Ex HR and.. Terraria. And sometimes MMORTS like LoL. At 1920x1080.
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    You would definitely see better performance in Skyrim and Deus Ex HR with the 570, the 570 can max out those games at your resolution, I'm certain your GTS 250 cannot. You probably will not see too much of a gain for Terraria and LoL, they're not too demanding. You have a 1080p display so for most modern titles it would be beneficial to upgrade, the GTS 250 is rather weak for that high a resolution these days.
  10. aww, thanks for the advice.
    Much appreciated.
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