PSU random click?

So something weird is going on with my PSU. It's a Seasonic SS 850HT 850W OEM.

Since I got the computer (about 10 days ago), it's been making clicking noises. Sometimes they are loud, sometimes not that loud.

At first I thought it was coming from my CPU heatsink, but I opened my case and literally sat there with my ear to my computer and have isolated it to the PSU.

The thing is, it's not a constant clicking noise, like a fan is loose or something. It's an occasional, single click. It happens randomly. The temp of the PSUand the PC load does not matter when it happens (it happens when I'm doing nothing, and when I'm multitasking). These occur anywhere from 40 seconds apart to 10 minutes apart. Very rarely (every 2-4 hours) I hear a triple, metallic sounding click. It's always a bit louder, always a fast triple metallic click.

None of these noises have affected my computer's performance at all. Is this something to be worried about? I know PSU's aren't supposed to make any noise. I've looked everywhere online but it seems most of the PSU problems involve buzzing noises or clicks that are constant.

Any help would be appreciated. I'd rather not send the PSU back in for another and have to wait a couple of weeks, but if this is something that could potentially destroy my system, I would really like to know.

Any feedback on clicks like this would be great.

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  1. I would not take any chances and RMA the PSU!
  2. If your sure it's coming from the psu then rma it.

    Could it be a wire touching a fan somewhere?

    Could it be the hardrive?
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