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Just rewired case fan, but fan is running really slow.

case: Thermaltake Strike MX
I just rewired the (i think) 200mm fan to run on Molex instead of this weird plug it had (2pin male?) idk i never had seen it before and just rewired it.

but for some reason it runs REALLY slow like it doesnt move much air at all....actually scratch that it moves NO air. does anyone know why?

i tryed many differnet combinations and found 1 way that worked, i checked the connecters made sure they were making good contact, and they were... so i am really confuzed on why its running so slow? i wouldnt believe that they would make a fan that would run so slow, just for show (its a led)

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  1. Did you make sure it is connected to a 12v pin rather than a 5v one?
  2. use this so you can see the rpm of the fan on the mobo
  3. well its running allot slower then 800 rpm, its running at like 50 rpm..... :\ also how do you figure out if its a 12v instead of a 5V, also its not connected to the MB, its connected to a Molex connecter. so theres no sensor
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    here is the wiring just keep the link handy
  5. finnaly i figured it out, i had the Power on the 5v instead of 12v, thank you all for the help :)
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