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Can I place all of my Inspiron 580's components into this case, which I just ordered? Or will I have to seek a professional? Is it even possible? I'm going to place a 600W ATX PSU (replacing my current 300W stock one), a 6870 GPU, 2 megaflow 200mm fans and replacing my motherboard's 3.2 ghz dual core processor with a 2.8 ghz quad core processor.

Coolermaster Haf 912 Black Mid Tower ATX Case 4X5.25 1X3.5 6X3.5INT No PS Front USB Sound

My current case is an Inspiron 580 MT and my Inspiron 580's motherboard is a 33FF6, ( ) and apparently the case I purchased is only compatible with ATX motherboards?

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  3. oookay, is it a small form factor case?
    if it is, the motherboard is probably custom for the case, as in wide enough to reach front an dback so that the front I/O doesnt have to have wires, that typ eof mobo doesnt fit in normal cases, what you can do is buy a new motherboard, just a cheapo, then get say, a sandy bridge cpu like the pentium g840. ( @80$ ) and a cheap h61 mobo, prob around 60$. i imagine your current dual core is a pentium 4, in which case the only things you could upgrade to with that motherboard are core 2 duos and maybe core 2 quads. which the pentium g840 is already better than i think all core 2 duos, and mountains better than a pentium 4.
  4. No, the Inspiron 580 is a Minitower case. My current specs are:
    3.2 ghz i5 650
    6GB ram
    integrated video card in motherboard

    I purchased a 6870, 2.8ghz quad core i5 760, x2 200MM fans and the HAF 912 case. Thanks for the help regardless. I'll have to pay somebody to take the components out of my case and set them up in my new case once the parts arrive.
  5. no you dont. building/assembling a pc is EASY just dont take apart the poiwer supply itself, and make sure you have fresh thermal grease. newegg has good tutorials on building a desktop pc. same case too i think.
  6. Thanks for the advice mildgamer, I'll try to disassemble my PC and add the components to a new case, but I don't think that newegg's building a computer pertains to me as I've heard that Dell sauders *** in their Inspiron cases or something, and it's difficult for newbies to transfer components to a different case.
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    post pics of inside of ur case so i can see? even a pro wont want to unsolder anything, they prob charge u a bunch more and just stick a new mobo in it.. but if it isnt soldered then it will be easy, make sure u dotn touch anything with bare handsthat u shouldnt, not the top of the cpu (grease from u fingers can mes with thermal paste i think, same with the gold pins on bottom of it, only touch the plasticy parts and corners of things, power supply is ok to touch dotn take it apart tho, dont touch any pins on the ram, or video card.
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  9. Soldered in
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  11. "I looked at an Inspiron 580 mainboard on eBay, and see no proprietary connector. I think it's a standard micro-ATX design, and will fit in your case.

    A few years back, many Dells employed mainboards with proprietary connectors, but that's not so much the case these days. As a matter of fact, I bought an empty XPS 7100 case on eBay a few months ago and installed an aftermarket Socket 1155 board. The hardest part was not the case wiring, but finding a place to install the SSD -- the standard hard drive cage doesn't have the appropriate mount points. (In the end, I put it in the floppy bay.)"

    is the response I got at the Dell forums. Sorry for not taking pictures.
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