Bought used PC, video DOA, help!


I recently bought a used PC from a trustworthy source. The PC is an i7 920, Asus P6T Deluxe, with a Radeon 6950.

The PC worked literally right before he turned it off to pack and ship it.

It arrived today, i unpacked, went to power up. All lights come one, fans spin, i see the HD and CD access lights, but no video to monitor.

I tried DVI on both ports, and HDMI. My monitor is good and i use it all the time.

I reseated every connection inside the computer, no luck.

I replaced the CMOS battery, no luck.

The case has no speaker so i can't hear diagnostic beeps.

Any ideas? I'm about to go buy a $30 vid card to test the GPU against...

Any ideas?
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  1. should have minimal warranty return to the store and ask them to make it work
  2. Its from a person so we're trying to figure it out if possible. Thanks
  3. The two most common reasons why a computer fails to work after it has been shipped is a bad connection to the graphics card and a bad connection to the memory chips. Normally refitting these items will cure the problem.
    Other things to try are resetting the CMOS memory and refitting the processor. If all of this fails to get it working then you may have a defective motherboard.
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