Which is better an msi or zotac video card

I am completely clueless on this subject (and computers ingeneral) and would appreciate some outside help. My friend is working on my computer and he is hell bent on me using the Zotec nvidia GeForce 8400. However every clerck at MicroCenter recomends the MSI N8400GS. So which is better for performance and reliability.
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  1. Maybe I should have posted this as a survey? My friend would have me think that the clerks at MicroCenter don't have a clue what they are talking about. He is beating me up for listening to them. Then the clerk at MicroCenter took me around to all the other clerks and they all agree that MSI is a better product. I am inclined to believe MicroCenter but my friend is such a "know it all". It would be nice to have another point of view.
  2. I would choose the msi, don't know about the specific cards, but like MSI better than Zotac, alltough Zotac ain't bad.
  3. Do you know more specs from both cards, like core speeds etc ?
  4. they still sell 8400's?
    youd be far better off with a modern card such as a 6770 or a 6670
  5. Yes, they still sell the 8400 and thanks for your sugestions, I'll have to look into those. I am not sure about the specs, but I think that is the difference between the two camps. My friend was comparing the specs and I think MicroCenter was looking at which company was more reliable. Myself, I would choose reliable with fewer features over the opposite. I realize that both cards are low end, I just didn't like being stuck in the middle. Plus it is always nice to knock my friend down a notch or two.
  6. I hear from many that MSI is very good. I've always looked the other way but I've been watching MSI's on newegg, Amazon, and recently Microcenter. MSI makes very good cards and I hear their Afterburner is great. Zoltac doesn't seem to get many positive feeback and compared to MSI....stick with MSI.
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