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Hello guys and gals. I'm sure there are hundreds of topics such as this, but I want to know for sure the parts I buy will work. I was wanting to get a new computer built with my tax return. I would like to build it myself but I don't know alot about hardware. I have read about some products and have a budget of about $1000. I would like to run games with close to max settings with a steady smooth FPS. I don't think i would need another graphics card down the road or not but it would be nice to have the option. Same with overclocking. I have put together a list of items that i think would work, but like i said I don't know alot about hardware so I come to u guys. Thank you for your time and any advice you can give me. All items from Newegg.

Mobo - MSI P67A-G43
CPU - Intel i5 2500k
RAM - G.Skill Sniper 1600MHz 2x4GB
GPU - MSI Twin Frozr III Radeon 6950
HDD - Samsung Spinpoint 1TB
PSU - Seasonic S12II 520W
Case - Xigmatek Utgard
OS - Win 7
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  1. All components there should work. I'd recommend the Z68 family of motherboards, they seem to be a bit more reliable and future proof than the P67's.

    Here's a link to the ASUS brand of them.. the Gigabyte's tend to be recommended quite a bit as well..

    If you plan on doing SLI down the road you will likely need a larger power supply.
  2. change to a z68 board and your good. If your using ATi cards, get a bigger PSU
  3. Thank you for your replies. Would this be an ok Mobo -

    and for a PSU would like a 750 be to much?
    Sorry for all the questions, like I said don't know alot about hardware
  4. That is the motherboard I have and should be fine. Unless you are after that board for a specific reason or just want it because it is cool you could save some money by getting the one just below that. In most cases 750w is enough from what I have seen, however, my experience with SLI and power supplies is limited so perhaps someone else that knows more can help you better.

    This forum is for questions. We welcome them all!

    Also, if you plan on overclocking or potentially overclocking your 2500k at some point I would suggest an aftermarket CPU fan. If this is your intention, which I assume it is (that's why you are getting a 2500k) then you may want to look into one of these two fans.

    CoolerMaster 212 Plus

    CoolerMaster 212 EVO
  5. ok thank you for all the help. the mobo comes with a sound card and network card if i read that right correct? and is it that hard to build one? i would like to try and ive been told its pretty easy putting it all together. will there be any programming or anything ill have to do or is it basically just plug it all up and load OS. ok for 30 bucks why not throw it in there
  6. If you haven't done it before it will take you a while and may be a little more overwhelming than you anticipate. I recommend you look up guides/videos on applying the thermal paste for the heat sink. Once that is done it's mostly making sure you plug everything in where it belongs..

    And yes, sound card and network card included (not wifi).
  7. ok thank you for your help again and i plan to watch alot of videos before and during the build. ty for all your help. im sure ill be back for something lol
  8. Newegg has a thorough and good guide. A bit long (3 parts) but it covers everything. I suggest watching it now, and also when you plan to build your rig.
  9. Most likely you will want to get this Z68 mobo instead of the Pro version:

    Unless you really need the 2 extra SATA 6GB/s connectors.

    Also, both come with on-board audio and LAN.

    The P8Z67 boards aren't bad either. The main difference is that the Z68 boards have the ability to use the graphics in your CPU along with a video card. Basically, if you need to cut cost and are going to buy a separate GPU anyway, a p67 board would be just fine.

    This is a p67 board for you to look at (great OCing ability):

    I own a p8p67 ws revolution and love it. But went with a Z68 for my current build (mainly because I plan on using the cpu graphics until the next price drop on GPUs).

    Both of those above are great boards.
  10. just for a final yes here is my build. ty for all your help.

    Mobo - ASUS P8Z68-V/GEN3 LGA 1155 Intel Z68
    CPU - Intel i5 2500k
    RAM - G.Skill Sniper 1600MHz 2x4GB
    GPU - MSI Twin Frozr III Radeon 6950
    HDD - Samsung Spinpoint 1TB
    PSU - CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX750 V2 750W ATX12V v2.31
    Case - COOLER MASTER HAF 912 RC-912-KKN1 Black SECC/ ABS Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

    OS - Win 7

    and yes i just watched all 3 of the newegg videos and it eased my mind alot. will definitely come back to them once i receive parts.
  11. hehe your build looks very close to my first :) Enjoy!

    Edit: Double check your RAM or link it. You want 1.5v.

    it said 1.5v but ill post just to make sure
  13. looks good :)
  14. How's the budget looking btw? Any extra?
  15. i still have to buy keyboard/speakers/moniter but right now without those im at $1068. so a little over but i would rather have a decent rig and be over budget some than skimp a few places. im getting more back from refund but didnt want to spend much more than 1000-1500
  16. kk the reason that I asked is that you mentioned wanting to have room to add another gpu down the line. If you do, you may want to get a PSU with a bit more wattage.
  17. ok what would you recommend? my big concern now is i am an avid WoW player and im tired of getting 10 FPS in raids on my current PC so i think ill be fine with this for now but i would like to buy the "good stuff" now to not have to worry about it later. also with getting a bigger PSU do i have to worry about going to big for what i have?
  18. How much does your current PSU cost?
  19. $139
  20. oops! Didn't see you went with a 750W. The Corsair is nice no doubt.
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