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Hi all,

I'm currently building a gaming system that I got as a barebones kit. I'm currently stuck in that there is no VGA port, only a HDMI, Serial port, and Parallel port.

Thus, I currently need to install the OS, configure BIOS, etc. but there is no display. I have a working HDMI cable and receiver (it works well with an XBox) but when I boot up the system with my OS disk, nothing shows up.

Can somebody help me please?
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  1. wht is motherboard model and name also monitor do you have a pci-e grapihc card
  2. You can buy a HDMI to DVI adapter if you need to.
  3. The motherboard model is GA-Z68AP-D3. I have a HD 6870 Graphics card, but I think that's irrelevant since I have not installed it yet (I haven't even installed the OS). I do not have a monitor, instead I planned to use my TV (FlatTV from Phillips).

    To above: HDMI to DVI wouldn't help. I don't have a DVI monitor. And since a HDMI-HDMI connection didn't work, I doubt a HDMI-DVI connection would.
  4. did you install the motherboard cd,also set tv to receive signal from hdmi port
  5. I'm currently trying to install the motherboard CD, but I can't because there is no display. The TV is set to receive HDMI signals, since it's the same port I use when I connect the XBox, which works fine.
  6. Are you sure that the onboard VGA is enabled in bios? And for it to boot off of that vs. a pcie card?
  7. ^I believe that is the issue. Unfortunately, I'm in a catch 22 situation. I can't switch the default display without accessing BIOS, but I can't view BIOS without a display.

    I also do not have a VGA port on the motherboard, so there's no way for me to hook up a VGA monitor to it.
  8. You could take out the CMOS battery or if the motherboard has a reset bios/cmos button you can press that. Hopefully that resets it to default to boot off of that.
  9. Hmm, but wouldn't that be exactly what I do not want? I need the computer to boot off of a HDMI rather than a VGA. Or would resetting the CMOS make it boot off the HDMI?

    In addition, I do not think it is booting off the Graphics Accelerator card, since I've tried hooking up the TV to the card's HDMI port as well, and nothing showed up.
  10. Resetting the CMOS might make it boot to HDMI because HDMI = VGA in bios if that makes sense. The onboard video chipset it one card so if it boots off that your good.
  11. I've just cleared the CMOS values. However, the TV still shows a blank screen, even when I switched to the other HDMI port. Perhaps there's something I didn't connect correctly? Any common things I should check up on?
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