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Check my gaming computer build? 620$

Usage: gaming

Not needed : win 7 keyboard monitor mouse speaker

I'll get a i5 2400

Radeon 6870

Mother board

Or h61 cafe help me choose

Ram: there was patriot 8gb ram or help me choose

Psu: antec neo 620 w 70$


Please recommend me parts and the best I can get out of 600$ or lil more

Also please answer this, will this run ultra on bf3 and swtor?
How long will this computer last me?
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    thats a solid system. It'll do ultra in SWTOR, and will do BF3 on high, but not Ultra (BF3 brings a 580 to its knees on Ultra)
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  3. Check the $800 build in my sig as well.
  4. Did you check if that ram is compatible with that motherboard?
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