Connecting via VGA cable to Vizio Led HDTV

Hello, I connected the cable. went thru the
Nvida control panel .set for multiple display. it shows my TV and notebook monitor as Notebook primary ,Tv ,second . anyway. my notebook shows the desktop background with nothing else ,no icons . so I cannot go anywhere, The mouse icon appears .thats it. what happened to the rest of the windows vista display.???
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  1. VGA can only handle 640X480 resolution, I believe. Get yourself a DVI.
  2. kajabla said:
    VGA can only handle 640X480 resolution, I believe. Get yourself a DVI.

    thank You for your response. I checked for a DVI connection on Vizio 55" HDTV , the manuel does not list any DVI. connections only 4 HDMI, component connections. RGB(PC) connection. and RCA connections. I just connected to my other 32" HDTV with no problem.I believe your evaluation is correct .
  3. You can easily get hold of an HDMI/DVI adapter. Those two formats send identical video streams (HDMI just carries sound as well), so adapters are simple and cheap.
  4. I returned home and " Vizio" the manufacture of my 55" HDTV was installing a firmware update to my TV. after 15 minutes it completed the install and I connected the VGA cable. to see if it would work. and it does work . maybe it had something to do with the firmware update. anyway. thanks for all your help and attention to my question. Any one who has a Vizio TV. check for this firmware update. eveidently it corrects some problems Vizio was experiencing . Merry Chirstmas. and Happy HOlidays.
  5. Switch it to HDMI with a DVI adaptor, it will display a digital image, vga will be analog and not have the same high quality image as using the HDMI/DVI connection.
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