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Well now that I have the money to make my system upgrades, I have been looking at the intel core i5's and had some questions. Basically I was looking at 2310 thru the 2500k. Somebody be honest with me. The clock speeds on all the cpu between only vary by .1-.5 GHZ. How much of a difference in performance would I see going from the 2310 to the 2500k. Note I do not plan to overclock either. Also how much of a performance increase would I see after upgrading coming from an AMD Athlon X2 7750 BE running at the stock clock. Keep in mind my current system has 6 gb of ddr2 ram, whereas the new system would have 8 gb of DDR3. This system would be mainly used for music/audio production.

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    The 2500K would be a waste of money if you are not overclocking. The performance difference is in line with the clock speed difference, that is if 1% then 1%.
    Massive performance difference between the 7750 and 2500K
  2. Thats pretty much what I was thinking as well, I just needed a little bit of confirmation. Plus even though the LGA 1155 isnt the most current Intel socket, I feel as though even if i wanted to upgrade within the next year again, that there would still be some 1155 socket cpu's on the market.
  3. LGA 1155 is the current socket and will certainly still be around in 1 year.
  4. Yes there will be they just released the Ivy Bridge 3xxx series for that socket which is their current budget socket!
  5. The socket will be replaced in mid 2013 with haswell. However note that you can still buy 1156 chips which were superceeded 18+ months ago, which would indicate being able to buy a replacement 1155 chip at least until the end of 2014.

    However note that there are not expected to be any 'better' 1155 chips than what is already out, at least not 'better' in a meaningful way.

    So if you are going to buy 1155, buy an i5-3xxx rather than 2xxx as there will be nothing (other than a better 3xxx) to upgrade to.
  6. I feel as though since my Athlon X2 7750 lasted me from 09 til now and still runs fairly well, with some hiccups that the performance increase moving to a i5 will be pretty substantial and should last me for at least 3 years, as most of the software I run, mainly VSTs hasnt overly advanced since I bought my last computer.
  7. Looks good!
  8. thanks about to put the order in :)
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