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Points Not Updating

I've posted a few things and my point count hasn't budged. I'm accessing the forum via

Pretty sure this bug has just appeared in the last 24 hours.
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    You are correct (though I think it has been longer than 24 hours). It has already been reported to the System Administrators & they are looking into the situation.
  2. Thanks tecmo34; the same thing has happened to my account for the past 3 days I think. Never experienced this in the past. BTW, the posted message counts are updating, but not the points for posts or for the BAs.

    Thank you for your response to the OP.
  3. Yup, we're looking into it. :)
  4. Hi, we're looking at this as a priority. If it requires a patch, it will have to wait until Monday unfortunately.
  5. Thanks for the feedback Joe & Natcparis :)
  6. Seems to be updating now. Thanks!
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  8. The problem originated from a corrupt database. We have set up a monitoring system so that we react faster next time.
  9. Thank you all for your efforts. Things are working better now.
  10. Much appreciated gents.
  11. Not updating to me today : (

    Anyone with the same issue?

  12. yep, not updating for me either !


    Didn't see this thread until I posted another one !
  13. It is old thread with brand new reply.
  14. We are aware of the issue and are currently working to resolve it.
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