Dell precision vs Alienware M17

Hi everyone,

I will be buying a laptop tomorrow...

It will definately be a Dell Precision or a Alienware M17

I need this laptop mostly for 3D work rendering in sketchup and 3ds max

I really like gaming but ofcourse performance for my work is more important

i want some advice on whichone to choose...

there are the specs

Dell precision: 8gb ram 1600mhz, i7 2820QM 2.3 8Mb cache processor, Quadro 3000M 2 gb GDDR5, 750gb Hard drive, 17" screen.

Alienware M17 16gb ram 1600 mhz, i7 2860 QM 2.5 8mb cache, Geforce 580M 2Gb GDDR5, 750 gb hard drive with secondary 256 SSD, 17 " screen.

Dell precision pros = Quadro 3000M simp
cons= not very nice with the design

Alienware pros = i love the design
cons= are made essentially for gaming

i dont know how significantly better the precision would be for me and if its worth sacrificing gaming
for the outstanding performance im supposed to get from it

Wont the alienware work just as well????

Thank you guys for all the help and thanks for your time!!!!
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  1. I would go with the Alienware PC. Both PCs should be good for 3d but the alienware will probably win since it has 8GB more RAM and also has a better gfx card for gaming that shouldn't be too bad for 3d software
  2. 3D rendering is not one of the strengths of a gaming graphics system .

    Get the Dell .
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