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my Gigabyte Radeon HD6950 1G is plugged into my motherboard into the PCI-E 16x1 slot , and powered with 2-6pin cords. Everything else is working in my computer except the graphics card and thus the display. can someone assist me? is there any other possibilities besides the card being DOA or the slot in the motherboard is broken?
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  1. also, I have tried the other PCI-E connectors of the PWS and no luck.
  2. Have you tried a different MB slot as a test? DOA is a possibility. Did you have a different card before this one?
  3. no i bought all new parts and set it up today. i dont have a backup PC so i'm gonna have to wait on a friend for about a day to see if it works in a different MBslot.
  4. Connect the monitor to the intergrated graphics port and activate pci graphics in the motherboards bios
  5. The video card wont operate... it doesn't have any power it in - i can't get the monitor to display anything. the monitor is on DVI so Im sure its not an issue with what channel the monitor is on. the graphics card will not work in either of my PCI-E 16x1 slots. pretty sure it came DOA.
  6. I think I have it figured out.... I'll repost in a minute.
  7. Im pretty sure its just a damn near DOA card.... I mean it has 3 fans on it and I've heard multiple reviews the fan controller just cant handle that many. I got my vid card to boot i think 2 times out of 50 tries? I tried wiring the vid card with 2-6pin PCI-E connectors from the PWS, as well as trying the 2x4pin(Peripherial) to 6pin PCI-E converter connectors that came with the Gigabyte Radeon HD6950. I am very disappointed and fairly sure its not somthing I did wrong, but a shitty card.
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