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So i built my system today and started it up for the first time. I have a few issues though. first the computer started up then shut off. 2 seconds later it turned back on and stays on. My mobo also has a red light which im assuming is not a good sign. All the fans are going, the lights work and im pretty sure everything is hooked up right. Im trying to use a sony bravia for a display too and im getting no video. Can someone help me out?
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  1. P67 mobo?
  2. asus p8z68-v pro/ gen3
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  4. lol thanks i feel like an idiot. Seemed to fix the problem. But im hearing a high pitch noise coming from my computer any ideas on what it could be?
  5. Not sure about the noise, but this is what someone else was asking about:
  6. Im pretty sure the high pitch noise is coming from the power supply. If i move my ear to the back of the case it gets alot louder. I hate to bring it back to microcenter but think i might have too. I just spent like 2 hours hiding all the wires. :(
  7. i bought a corsair enthusiast 850 watt
  8. Not sure about this one. Brand/Model is good though.

    It's possible that you just got one of the few that are not working right and need to replace it. Let's see if anyone else can help on this one.
  9. Also i seem to have one more issue. My SSD is appearing in windows but the Seagate 1TB HDD is not. If i open the bios it doesnt appear in the EZ boot prioritymen, but appears if i press f8 to get into the boot menu and its also in the advanced settings. Anyone got an idea on how i can get my HDD to show up on my computer on windows 7. I got windows 7 installed to the ssd but i only have a 64gb so i need the 1tb seagate too.
  10. I have seen that SSD/HDD issue in another thread. I'll try to find it for you. I think it was posted in the motherboards or storage forum.

    You may want to post that issue there.
  11. I went into my computer and formatted the drive and it partinioned it and gave it a letter seems to be appearing now.
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  13. Cool. I was just going to point you to this:

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