Need a netbook without a webcam

Hi all,

I'm trying to find a netbook without a webcam for my job, where I cannot bring things with a camera. (military)

I saw on a thread somewhere else from 2009 the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 had no camera but they don't have any more of those and I'm not sure if they have a current one like that, I work very late and they and Asus are both closed so I can't easily call and ask them. It's not the easiest thing to search their inventory for so I thought asking here for tips might work.

Mainly I just want to be able to hook portable drives into it, watch movies on VLC ideally, without codec headaches (multiple formats) and possibly throw an older game or two on there (never had a netbook before don't know how pheasible this is I was thinking maybe Diablo 2 or Fallout 1 or something *shrug*)

any tips would be fantastic.

Failing that, a suggestion of a good, inexpensive Netbook WITH a camera (would really rather avoid this though) would also be appreciated.

You guys all rock.
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    I'd say take a look at a used Dell D series latitude they are a nice rugged business class machine where you can get more power and performance than a netbook in a package that doesn't weigh much more and since they are made for business no webcam :). If you're looking netbook form factor for size I'd suggest a D430
  2. Thanks I went ahead and ordered a used D430 off of ebay. I appreciate the advice. Only reservations I have on it are:

    It's Windows XP, this is both good and bad. Maybe just good. Good because I like to run older games and since this system won't be able to handle much more than older games, and Windows XP was always more cooperative than 7 etc with older games, that's great.

    The bad part could be VLC codec issues, able to reassure me on that? :) Will I have any issue getting VLC up and running just as effectively as on my Asus G73 laptop with 7 64 bit? Will this thing run movies smoothly? What if some of the files I have are a bit large, obviously they'll be scaled down to this little resolution but, could it struggle with those? I imagine so.

    Other thing is, it's only got 80gb hd. However, I am probably fine on that I was checking some of the sizes of old games like Diablo 2, StarCraft, etc. They are like 1 or 2gb each so I could put a lot of stuff like that on there plus I have these 2 1 terabyte each external hard drives which is where the movies are.

    FYI this is for passing the time between responsibilities (not much of that) on a submarine during months under water.

    Thanks again for the help.
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