New Build does this sound good

Im looking to build a new computer and was wondering if this setup sounds good.

Ill take suggestions as well if these will not work together. Thanks

Intel Core i7-2600K Sandy Bridge 3.4GHz Quad Core 8000K
Intel Socket 1156/1155 CPU fan
Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD3- B3, P67, Cross Fire, SATA3, USB3.0, GB LAN
16GB (4x4GB) PC12800 DDR3 1600 Dual Channel
GeForce GTX 550 Ti 1GB PCI EXpress 16X dual head, HDMI
2000.0 GB Hitachi SATA3, 6.0Gb/s, 32mb cache
LG Blu-ray 12X Recorder,16x LightScribe DVD Recorder SATA combo drive
All-in-One Memory Card Reader Internal Black
Sound Blaster Audigy SE 7.1
Ethernet network adapter (onboard)
USB 3.0 Adapter Card 2 port PCI express
Dual Case Fans 80 mm DC fan (two fans)
CoolerMaster eXtreme Power 550W Extra quiet ATX Power Supply, SLI & X-fire ready
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  1. Do you have a budget?
  2. I would like to keep it $2000 or lower. This will be a computer used mostly for gaming but also for school as a computer programmer....but mostly games :-)
  3. These are RECOMMENDATIONS(sry caps)

    1.Instead of fans, I would change it to water cooling

    2. do you have a case?

    3.Heres a OS if you need it
    home premium-

    4.If your gonna crossfire, you will need a PSU >700W
    and cooler masters have bad PSUs
    here you can see if check if the PSUs are good or not
    tier5-time bomb
    tier1-the best

    5. You might need a new mobo, p67 is kinda old compared to the z68, since their the same price

    everything else looks good
  4. Did you have a need for the i7? I may have missed it, but if you don't, the i5 2500k would be fine for gaming (Unless you find a killer deal on the i7).

    +1 on the H series coolers. I use the H100 and am happy to have purchased it. If you are not OCing right away though, wait on iot and get it when a MIR hits. They come up regularly and you can use a stock cooler until then (also you don't need to buy thermal grease :) )

    These are the PSUs that I like currently:


    P67 is fine if you are getting a gpu. Otherwise Z68 is a good choice if you want to use the cpu graphics and wait for GPU prices to fall (I am). Two boards that were recommended to me (because they OC great!):


    (and if you live near a Micro Center, you can get a bundle deal on cpu and those mobos; $50 bucks off)
  5. GeForce GTX 550 Ti 1GB PCI EXpress 16X dual head, HDMI

    sorry this one is just poor no joke its not good imo

    either tone down to i5 2500k/i5 2400 and get a better GPU or go get a 1tb hdd instead of 2tb really get a gtx560ti 1gb or a hd 6950 2gb/1gb if not 6970 if you can afford that or the 2gb version of gtx560ti
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