Problems! System wont detect CD Drives anymore!!!

My system will not detect my AOPEN 12x40x DVDROM drive and my PLextor 121032A anymore! Events leading up to this: my bro installs W2k, not needed so we undo it... THen W98 starts giving blue screen on bootup saying that CDRWPD901) cannot be loaded at +0000AD23 or something, in short, it lost the burner for burning, its still there with the drive letter G: under my computer...
I think, lets try isntalling new firmware, so i install that, reboot, and all of a sudden it waits a long time when detecting IDE drives and it doesnt detect my DVROM drive or my Writer at all anymore?!?!?!? Its nowehere in sight under windows either!!! I need help, i have no CD reading or anything now!!!!

Please please if you have the slightest clue please do speak up, my thanks

AMD 1 gig TBird,
ASUS AV7700 Pure 32 mb running latest NVIDIA Dets
Abit KT7A mobo no raid
IBM DTLA 46,1 hd
256 mb SDRAM PC133
ASUS 12x40x DVD Drive (but not anymore)
Plextor 12x10x32xA CDRW (but not anymore)

Anyting else needed?
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  1. Search for the newest ASPI layer for your OS and reinstall it over the top.

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