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What Fans and Fan Controller to Get?

Hello, I have an lian li case with 2 80s on from and one 120 in read I will need a fan controller as they are 3 pin. Can someone please give me a bit of advice as to what to get?

P.S. I also need to replace my stock i7 920 cpu cooler I hear that the corsair H80 was descent and lastly do I need XMS mem cooler (I'm not planing to OC over the top, my main problem is that I have 2 gtx 285 on a asus p6t and they simply sit on one another and cook each other a real dumb design)

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    What type of Lian Li case you have. Put a link with the case. We can help you better.
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  3. Hello sosofm,
    The problem is I have 2 gtx 285 on a asus p6t mobo, its s stupid design as they are side by side and just cooking one another and overheating. To add insult to injury the fan speed control is not adjustable. I need to get 4 pin fans (2 80s in the front and one 120 in rear) I'm hoping that getting better quality fans will help in itself. I will need a controller for that. Lastly I'm looking to get a cpu cooler as SADLY I'm still using the generic intel provided one (i7 920) Im not really OC. Just using XMP and trying my mem at 1600 corsair CMZ6GX3M3A1600C8.

    Problem is I do "day trading" so I need to get at least 2 more monitors (currently I'm using my TV 50" as one screen and LCD as other).
    Really there are 2 problems my comp is maxing out, other words the software is maxing out my comp (mem wise) so I just ordered another pair of same mem. (Do you think 12 gig on win 7 should be enough?

    I'm using Vista 64 (my understanding is it uses all the mem compared to 32) though I was told I should get win 7 and am in the process of doing so as well.
    As I have 2 GPUs I should be able to get 2 more monitors and that should suffice.
    I'd be grateful if you had any advice about the problems described above.

    P.S. I keep having serious dust issues, my brother had a similar case (which is why I went with this brand) and just seems like his internals are crystal clean as mine look like they work in a coal mine, would also love to hear any advice on that issue or if a new frame would be required. I do have a good PSU its a Enermax Revolution 85+

    Thanks Very much for any advice,
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