Should I buy a GTX 480 OEM card?

I Currently have a PNY GTX 480 and want to buy another for SLI (XFX 680i LT SLI Mobo). Found one for fair good Deal in Ebay site of my country. The seller tells me there will be a warraty of 1year (this is a new unopened Dell OEM card). Its price is $375 (I am not in US but this is approx. conversion). Should i go for this? Can i believe the seller of 1 year warranty?
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  1. We can not confirm his warranty for you it's really not possible.
    375 for a 480 is um a little steep and not really a good deal but to sli might make it really attractive.
  2. Before buying make sure that the OEM 480 is the same as the regular 480 that you have. Some OEM cards will have different core counts and/or different clock speeds, making them incompatible for SLI.
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