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What gpu to put into my old xps 700 current have a radeon x1700 in there

Hi Folks

Want to get my old Dell xps 700 currently running with a radeon x1900 series card in it to be able to run BF3 and MW3.
Upgrading the card seems to be the better option then buying a whole new system. Any ideas for a great card to keep
this beastie going a bit longer untill i can get a better system

Also the thread should read as a X1900 series card installed not X1700 :whistle:

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More about what current radeon x1700 there
  1. tell us your entire system specs?
    how much did you want to spend?
  2. Give me detailed spec and your budget. If we don't know these two things we can't help you at all.
  3. Hi Folks
    Sorry about that in a hurry to get the question out

    The system is as follows

    Windows xpPro +service pack3
    4Gb Ram : Intel Core2 X6800 @ 2.39Ghz
    Creative SB X-Fi /Gigaworks S750 7.1 surround system
    Dell 3007 WFP 30" 2560x1600 Native Resolution monitor
    Radeon X1900 XTX 512 Mb GPU

    Willing to spend Au $4-500 but could go a little higher if i can get
    around the guilt bit :lol:


    Dav ;) e
  4. wow! Your budget is pretty high get 6850 it's good deal.
  5. Hi there
    Yes i suppose it does seem pretty high but then buying or building a system would cost a heap lot more hence
    getting a new gpu ! Still the rest of the peripherals work fine and a game console would be around the same price.

    Dav ;) e

    that would be the ATI 6850 ?
  6. Best answer
    Yes AMD Radeon 6850 is good for you. Take a look at MSI, Gigabyte or Powercolor.

    Edit: I forget why you shouldn't get 6870 or better. Because there will be bottle necking.
  7. Thanks for the info will get out and have a look around local to see what is available
    hopefully get something before xmas and maybe find some kind soul has bought me
    the games i was after ! :D

    Dav ;) e
  8. ok enjoy the best!!!!:)
  9. Hiya Folks

    Bought the Amd Radeon HD 6850, it installed ok rebooted and i now have a VERY large screen to play with :o . Only problem is that i cannot get it to see the Dell 3007 WFP as having a native resolution of 2560x1600 it can only see it as 2048x1536 and will not
    look for a update on the web...... any ideas as to how to get an updated driver into the system ?

    Dav;) e
  10. Hi there

    I hope the GPU is fine with you.
    Check out AMD Driver Update utility. Hope that helps.
    BTW what brand did you choose?
  11. Hi Folks

    Yeah i got the Gigabyte 6850 Oc 1G, downloaded the latest catalyst Version 11.11 :V3.0.0.0851C
    and installed ~ No change had a look thru the booklet (when all else fails read the manual) :lol:
    and it looks like it only goes up to 2048x1536 where as the old X1900 XTX would go all the way
    to 2560x1600 and being only 512mb and pretty old go figure ???. Any other ideas folks
  12. I think in the Catalyst Control Centre there should be a 'set maximum resolution' I think. I think there you can set your maximum resolution. Have you try that?

    You know, it is suppose to work on 2560x1600
  13. Hi folks

    I found a Forcing Maximum Performance Clocks under the
    AMD Overdrive™ for AMD Radeon™ HD 2400 Series and Later
    option but i dont think that is it.Cant seem to find the
    'set maximum resolution' option ?. Tried installing star wars
    the force unleashed to see if all was well when trying to play
    a game with this card :cry: and it just displayed as if it was being
    played on a screen way bigger then the one i have about 1/3
    of the screen was viewable !.Oh man this is going nowhere
    fast. Any help appreciated guys
  14. Ok the game is now behaving itself after resizing the screen to lower resolution ~ weird the screen size
    did get smaller but the prob with the pc screen size being vlarge is still there. No one have any ideas
    cant get any help via dell or anyone else :(
  15. ?????????

    What an Issue you had on there... What adapter are you using? Try Another?
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