Overclocking hd 3000 to desktop card performance?

Since you are able to oc the igp has anyone tried overclocking it till it had performance to something about a 8800gts.
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  1. Given how large the performance gap between the HD 3000 and the 8800GTS is, I doubt that is even possible, even with liquid nitrogen cooling. The HD 3000 just doesn't have enough shaders to come anywhere close to an 8800GTS, no matter how high you OC it.
  2. That's almost like trying to get a 10 speed bike to run like a Kawasaki Ninja 250R motorcycle.
  3. that's like trying to tune a smart car to perform as fast as a Ferrari F150. You simply cant
  4. Do you think you can even oc this to something like a 5450?
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