Can adding more fans do more harm than good?

Hey guys, My first time here & my first PC build.

I got an Intel i5 3750K
Stock CPU cooler
GA-Z77-D3H Gigabyte Motherboard
G' Skill Sniper 8gb Ram 1866 MHz
EVGA GeForce GTX460 SC
Thermalake Bronze 750W PSU
Rosewill Challenger U3 Case
640GB HD Western Digital (From old PC, hard drives are EXPENSIVE)

All that other good stuff too...

The case had three pre-installed fans, which seem to work really well, One 120mm in the front bottom 140mm on the top one 120 on the upper back PSU mounted on the bottom sucking air from the bottom.

Anyways at the time of me going crazy ordering things, I threw in two green cooler master sickle flows into my chart. The case has mounts for two fans on the side panel, in my particular situation they will be blowing right onto the CPU and the Video Card. I thought hey for those extra $14 its not bad to overkill the cooling, However...

I get all kinds of things thrown at me from my cousin saying too much dust will go inside and he only used two of the fans from his 4 fan case, my older bro (Knows a good deal about comps) says they are bad because they will OVERCOOL the CPU and the can on the cpu will be disrupted from the airflow and the bearings will go bad, and so on and so on.

So I got the two fans, my motherboard supports two more fans, not sure if I should add them? I have the fans, no point of returning them? What should I do? And if I should mount them, should I mount them to intake or to exhaust?

I know im a first timer, before the build i did not even know what a motherboard was, but I still don't understand how the fans can OVER-COOL a CPU. I was like (O.o) but anyways... yeah, just asking u guys.
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  1. Dust is a concern, I guess, if the case doesn't have filters, but there's no such thing "overcooling" a CPU (not with regular air cooling anyway). And unless one of the fans is literally right on top of the CPU heatsink fan, there won't be any problems with that either.

    The thing with more fans is to have an equal amount of intake and exhaust fans to move roughly the same amount of air throughout the case.
  2. djdecibel is right. There is no way to overcool a cpu - that's just nonsense. Whether you should add the side fans should be dictated by your temperatures. Are they needed?
    BTW, side fans are always mounted an intake fans.
  3. I just set my computer up, I am not sure if they will be needed, But i have the fans and have nothing to do with them? If i mount the fans they will be almost directly over the CPU fan, perhaps maybe 4 inches away. I was told by my older brother that the fan will cause problems for the CPU fan because the air blowing on it will hurt its bearing and it will get loud and even brake soon?
  4. Arteom said:
    I was told by my older brother that the fan will cause problems for the CPU fan because the air blowing on it will hurt its bearing and it will get loud and even brake soon?

    That is total and complete nonsense. Like I said above, unless the extra fan is LITERALLY right on top of the CPU fan (like literally sitting on top of it, with NO space between them), it WILL NOT cause the bearings to fail sooner. Trust me here. Tell your brother to do some research.
  5. Take away your older bro's internet access ..... when ya read stuff from non trusted sources "on the internet" a little verification ..... and use of logic ..... is in order. :)
  6. What your brother is imagining is the side fans and the cpu fans in a tug of war. While that might be technically possible, practically speaking, it just isn't going to happen.
  7. trying to stop laughing before i can type

    mount the extra fans then test the pc with them disconnected then connect them to see if it drops the temperatures or makes it

    too loud

    the main enemy of your cpu is heat so to say you would be overcooling is dumb--have a look on youtube for people using liquid

    nitrogen or phase change on their cpu and tell them they are overcooling
  8. Haha, I'm telling my older-brother all this (21 BTW I'm 17 in one week from today), and he is just getting pissed at me... its like he knows everything. "He says just give the fans to me I wanna change out my case fans... cause mine are loud" haha

    The noise of the fans does not bother me like it does some people, for me, the slight hum and sound of moving air is somewhat relaxing for me :)

    I'm glad I asked you folks here. How is it possible for me to take the temp inside the case without any fancy equipment?
  9. use a program called hwmonitor.
  10. The temp inside the case is whatever your mobo temp is. Try HWMonitor for that (will be listed as SYSTIN).

    Haha, abekl and I both had the same idea...
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