Amd Phenom 960t Hot idle temps!

hey guy im running the 960t 6 cores unlocked oCd at 3.45 ghz with the Hyper 212 EVO heatsink and the HAf 922.My fans are running pretty quiet but the idle temps on my cpu are 52 degrees cecius! Is this normal?
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  1. Thats too high for idle especially with that modest OC.

    First check the reading is correct by using more than 1 utility to check it. If it is check your board is not auto volting the CPU it may be volting too high. Finally try stock speeds at 6 cores see if that helps. If that doesnt try stock then OC on 4 cores if thats ok but 6 aren't you have a bad core.

    *edit* also check the cooler is on properly maybe take off clean add new paste then reseat
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