New home build cannot get it to boot

ok so my new home build is

Case : HAF X
MB Asus m5a99x Evo
Ram : 8GB (2x4GB) Corsair DDR3 XMS3, PC3 1 £31.95
PS Corsair 650X
and a normal 1TB Hd
Phenom x4 955 proccessor
runnign windows 7

ok so i wanted to upgrade a few thing from my old build to this one took me all last night puting it together when i have finally was done i plugged the VGA cable and a HDMI cable into my graphics card and then into a monitor [ VGA ] and my TV [HDMI] please view the pictures below and see if you can see anything obviously incorrect with how i have done this Thank you

any help would be useful
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  1. I would unplug everything but the power supply leads and use onboard video if your board has it until the board posts. Then start plugging everything back in one at a time until your problem re-apears. You also may just need to adjust the position of the case connector plug. I have to move it around some until the case led's start working (if it's one piece). You may have to leave part of it hanging out off the pins (the portion that has no wires going into it).
  2. Agree with the above information however I would go a few steps further. I would remove EVERYTHING from the case and box post the MB first. Remove the CPU cooler and reseat the processor into the ZIF, and ensure you put every so slight pressure of the HS Cap when closing the ZIF closure. Install 1 piece of memory and then add the other later.

    If you can get a good post outside of the case, double check that there are no standoffs in the case that do not have a matching screw hole in the MB.

    Post back and let us know what is happening.
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