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I7 2600k average temps with an Intel liquid cooler

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May 18, 2012 7:11:59 PM

I just built my LGA 1155 socket i7 2600K CPU with and Intel liquid cooling heat sink and I'm trying to get an idea for other peoples average with a similar setup. Now I know everyone is different depending on Circumstantial Situations.. I'm running at 4.2GHz and my room temp it's around 80° F.. I got 5, 120mm fans working a push & pull system with the Intel liquid cooler... So anyway I'm getting 37°- 42° c on idle and 69°- 77° with full load with prime95 for 30 mins which I'm still technically in the safe zone and I good distant from the Tj Max.. But after a lot of forum reading I'm getting a lot higher temps at idle and full stress then a lot of people on air only and higher **** speeds but same CPU chip.. WTF gives? Can anyone shed some light on this and what should I be at, temp wise, and what else I try
May 18, 2012 7:22:31 PM

Well, it is high. Not dangerously so, but higher than I'm comfortable with. What is your fan arrangement. Do you have cool air coming in the front/bottom and hot air leaving by the top/rear?
May 18, 2012 7:37:09 PM

yes. i have two 120mm antec fan set on high in the front of the case, pulling cold air form the outsode of the case and then 2 more 120mm fans on the top of the case push the hot air out of the case. plus the fan that comes with the case in the back connected to the radiator of the of the liquid cooler both pulling air out the case as well

p.s this is in a Corsair 650d obsidian case which has plenty of room and great air flow
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May 18, 2012 8:11:19 PM

seems too high

i have a corsair h80 with a 2600k at 5ghz and my fans arent turned up high

heres my temps after 10 minutes of 80% cpu usage

though my ambient temps are lower than yours

if the intel cooler fits similar to the corsair you have to tighten the screws in an x pattern

ie--screw 1 then 3 then screw 2 then 4

also what thermal paste did you use?
May 18, 2012 9:52:32 PM

i saw your screen shot in the other guys thread about the same liquid cooler and was impressed with the temps...this cooler was the hardest thing to install ever in a PC. but yes i did an X but i don't think it was 1 and 3 and 2 and 4 in perfect order. i might of did 4 and 2 then 1 and 3. i really don't think that matters as long as they tighten down evenly.. i think you got one of the really good CPU's that was the center piece of the wafer and are known to have the best performance and i have one form the outside of the wafer that runs harder and makes it a borderline 17 2600k spec and standard wise.. here take a look at this link and have yourself a good read..
BTW your a lucky dog getting a really good CPU off the wafer.. its almost a core i7 extreme series running as a 2600k. :) 
May 18, 2012 10:36:21 PM

Your thermal paste application may be in error. How much did you put onto the CPU, and how?
May 18, 2012 10:44:01 PM

i used arctic silver and about a pea size and let the heat sink part of the cooler do the spreading when i slapped it on and tighten it down.. im pretty sure the T.I.M is used and applied just fine and isnt the issue.. Whats everyones opinion what temps range should be in with his liquid cooler?
May 18, 2012 10:49:08 PM

are you pulling in air from outside the case through the radiator?

or exhausting it outwards?

may be an idea to stick one of your other 120mm fans on the rad to see what having 2 fans push pull does for it

and yes i do think i got lucky in the silicon lottery with this chip :D 
May 18, 2012 11:44:27 PM

ok you lost me here a little bit please excuse.. enclosed is 3 pics showing my set up... :/ 

ok pic #1 liquid cooler connected to the cpu and the rad connect to the back fan push air out the case

pic #2 top of case 2 fans 120mm pushing air out of the case... should i maybe reverse it and push air into the case instead?

pic #3 front of case 2 fans 120mm pulling fresh cooler air into the case

edit... ok i get what your saying but i already have it set up like that.. being that i live in south fl and even with the air conditioner on. my room is always 80 degrees F so im sure that doesnt help when living up north ambient room temp is normally like 65 - 75 degrees f.. so it could be that also but not as crazy as it is
May 18, 2012 11:56:35 PM

leave the top fans exhausting

didnt realise you already had 2 fans on the rad as think the cooler only comes with one

pic 2--silly question but got to ask--is the fan attached to the case and rad blowing the air the same direction as the one on the

other side of the rad

and personally i always suck the air in from outside the case (where it should be cooler than inside) and let the top fans exhaust

it rather than the other way round as blowing warmer air from inside the case through the rad never made sense to me

so i have--1 x 120mm on the back of the case sucking air in then the rad then another 120mm on other side of the rad sucking air in

and front and side intakes and 200mm top exhaust

hope that makes sense its getting late here and my brains shutting down a bit

May 19, 2012 12:20:31 AM

you know what thats a ******* slick thought process my friend... i think that brilliant. wow why dont the oem do that.. that really does make sense.. im going to try it.. but if all else fails.. im really worrrying over nothing cuz how often am i running my computer any where over 50 % mark CPU for extended periods of time and my RAM at 16 GBs it doesnt even tickle it :) ... so under everyday conditions how warm is the cpu when im pushing it normally under everything i need my CPU and PC to do, im not talking about stress testing and CPU burn ins.. just gaming and normal hardcore computing... if it breaks mid to upper 60's ill be shocked which is high in our eyes, but to intel, its completely in the safe zone by 20-30 degrees C.. So all in all. it's nothing to get worked up over... but i'd like to see it at its peak coolest so it is what it is.. anyway thanks for the help and great effng idea on your fan set up.. you da man!
May 19, 2012 12:27:38 AM

youre welcome

and i agree with the not running prime95 or ibt to stress the daylights out of the cpu

its not realistic to what you do in every day use

so i stress mine with the sort of things i actually use my pc for

May 19, 2012 12:55:58 AM

mcnumpty23 said:
seems too high

i have a corsair h80 with a 2600k at 5ghz and my fans arent turned up high

heres my temps after 10 minutes of 80% cpu usage

though my ambient temps are lower than yours

if the intel cooler fits similar to the corsair you have to tighten the screws in an x pattern

ie--screw 1 then 3 then screw 2 then 4

also what thermal paste did you use?

80% at 5ghz has no value to this thread. idk what your temps are but you obviously have a 10% chip thats going to run cooler then everyone elses.

he has so many variables that makes this case unique.

OP the fact that your ambient temp is about 10*f higher then normal is going to make your temps hotter by about 10-15 degrees or 7-10*c.

couple that with the fact that the top air coolers and a h100 are about 7-10 degrees cooler at max load and your temps are not bad at all. change your max temps to reflect those and your at around 52-60*c. its not your chip its your variables.
May 19, 2012 1:18:57 AM

cbrunnem i think your right my amibent room temp is a major part of the problem here.. thanks for your feed back

btw how do you get you spec to show up like that at the bottom of your post