3770k Temp Help

I've got a new build that I've been playing around with.

CM Haf X 942 Case
1000 Watt Seasonic Platinum PSU
Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe
Noctua NHD14
XFX Black Edition 7970
16gb Corsair Vengance
Samsung 830 128gb SSD
WD Black 1tb HDD

So I have Windows 7 Ultimate installed on the SSD and everything else on the HDD. Been playing some Diablo 3 and have been using the AI Suite II software to check out the CPU temp.

AI Suite II is reporting between 30-38c while playing D3. Seems kind of high to me. Maybe I'm just paranoid. Ambient in that room is 72-76f. Only used a BB sized drop of TIM on the center of the IHS.

I'm going to check it with real temp tonight and see what core temps are but from what I've read AI Suite II is supposedly 10 degrees lower on average than core temps.

Thoughts and suggestions? Thanks!!!
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  1. well you are right about asus AI suite being innaccurate

    it reads my cpu at 18c when ambient temperature is 16c--also keeps saying your cpu temp is 163c in red writing every now and


    realtemp reads it about 28c to 30c
  2. So based on my system what should my temps be? What should my idle temp be? I've looked and looked and have not found any baseline #'s to go by. There are countless temps with folks overclocks but nothing for stock setups.

    I'm just thinking with that Noctua my temps should be lower than they are. Shrug. I live in Arizona so it's pretty hot in the summer time. Typically 95f +, and we usually keep the house at 72f at the tstat which translates to a few degrees higher in the office where the pc is.

    Also note I do have the iGPU turned on and enabled.
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  4. please dont bump

    people will answer in their own time

    got to remember we are not all on the same time zone--its 2-30am here

    did you try realtemp?

    and if so what did it read

    if your ambient in the room is 25c then your temps may actually be ok
  5. 38 degrees Celsius is a safe temperature. It's nowhere near dangerously high.
  6. Here is a pic of my readings. This was just sitting there at my desktop with AI Suite II, Real Temp, and this explorer window. Not sure what the ambient temp in the room is but the thermostat for the AC on the house is set to 70f. I'd guess it's maybe 72-74f max where the PC is located.

    Also noticed the Real Temp icon on the task bar next to the quick launch icons shows 46 degrees. What is that? Just the icon or something else?

    So with all that said and my previous posts with specs etc. Is this temp where it should be or is it high? Thanks!

    Keep in mind I have the iGPU enabled. I'm assuming that's why 2 of the other cores are warmer. Just in case it's hard to see the pic the temps are.

    25 22 33 31 Temp in C

    80 83 72 74 Distance to TJmax

    23 21 30 29 Minimum

    32 26 36 36 Maximum

    ok ok ok ok Thermal Status

    It was running for 15 minutes. AI Suite II reports 27c cpu temp and 26c mb temp with the Noctua fan speed at 1313 rpm. All of the case fans are hooked up to a molex connector. They aren't connected to the MB this the reason there isn't any readings from them in AI Suite. I'm assuming they are running at full speed since fan expert isn't in the mix. I suppose I could hook them up to the mobo if it will buy me anything. I just didn't want a rats nest of wires all over.

    Any other info needed just let me know.
  7. Here is a pic of temps running for almost 3 hours.

    31 27 37 38 Temp

    74 78 68 67 Distance to TJmax

    25 22 31 31 Minimum

    43 40 48 46 Maximum

    ok ok ok ok Status

    AI Suite reports 34c temp on cpu and 31c temp on mb.


  8. those look good

    and yes the 46 on the task bar icon is just way the icon looks
  9. mcnumpty23 said:
    those look good

    and yes the 46 on the task bar icon is just way the icon looks

    The second set of temps was from about 3 hours of Diablo 3 game play with a couple explorer windows open etc. Looks like all the cores are within a couple of degrees of each other. I'm not sure what kind of strain D3 puts on the system but the temps for sure went up from idle. Case is all closed up as well not open like a lot of folks that post temps.

    I'm still a bit concerned about the 2 cores that hit 46 and 48. Seems a bit high to me, no? Maybe I'm expecting too much from the NH-D14 cooler? When I go to OC the cpu later on I don't want to have any issues. I'm thinking 4.2 - 4.4 oc with hopefully around 60c load temps. Do you think it will be possible with what we have seen thus far?

    What temp range should we see on the Ivy Bridge stuff? What is acceptable and with in the norm so to speak? Any additional information you or anyone else could supply to further educate myself is greatly appreciated.

  10. looking on google see lot of people saying diablo 3 is cpu intensive--so it will push temps up

    and ivy bridge seems to run hotter than sandybridge--especially when overclocked
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