Difference between hd6670 types and manufacturers

I am going to buy a hd6670 for my a8-3850 rig and i noticed there are sooo many 6670-s like, ddr3 gdd3 gddr5, and manufacturers like sapphire asus xfx and so on. I was wondering which one is the most "powerfull" since this is the last upgrade for my rig available i want the best one for. I really like the hibrid crossfire.

Here are my specs if someone else wants a help with overclocking a similiar rig.

2x2gb gskill-pi 2400 cl9
f3 spinpoint 500gb
scythe grandkama
linkworld 600watt psu

OC-d like this:
Base clock from 100 to 133 (divider sweetspot)
multiplier from 29x to 24x (2900mhz-->~3200mhz)
IGPU (133 x 6=~800mhz)
RAM (set to 1600 to get ~2130(lover than original) but cl now 8)
Voltages just a bit up, stability=perfect.

Another question, will my IGP stay @800 when in hybrid crossfire?

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  1. GDDR5 memory on a card is faster than GDDR3 memory. As far as I know, there is no HD 6670s with DDR3 memory. Here is a list of cards from Newegg in the order of "best rating" from owners and users of the cards:

    Sapphire is one of the top manufacturers of Radeon cards. I think all HD 6670s are sold at 'refernce' speed. So pick the card that has the necessary output port for your monitor and will fit your case. I'll leave your last question to someone with more knowledge of that situation. But here is some info for you...
  2. Thank you friend, i see clearly now, the gddr5 i what i thought to be the best one, i think il go with the asus one since it has monster cooling and its clocked a bit higher than 800. Please someone answer my second question since im very low on budget, and i hope i have OCd the IGP to 6670-ish levels 800mhz(minus the 80 steam procesors) and i think my RAM is also close to gddr5 lvls
  3. If all else fails, and if you haven't done so already, Google "a8-3850 HD 6670 hybrid crossfire" and see what you can find out on your own...
  4. I got the XFX HD6670 1gig mem video card for Christmas to replace a Diamond x1600 pro that bit the dust. Its installed into a HP a1230n. So far its been a great little card. What I liked most about it... was the fact, it didnt require a separate plug in to power the card.
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