New PC. GTX 560ti doesn't fit on mobo!? Please help.


New PC, prebuilt system from Overclockers

The mobo is an Asus p8z68-v and I upgraded the card to an MSI GTX 560ti 2048mb when buying

Since the PC arrived it's had lots of times it looks like this

Wouldn't run any games etc, sometimes normal then totally hang and pixelate when starting a game, sometimes like that from launch. So I opened the case and the card didn't look like it was seated properly, so I attempted to reseat it, i found it was not clicked into place and that it is actually unable to "click in" due to this thing that sticks out on the board, pic below.

This is a pic with the card out, the top two pci-e slots are obstructed to the right by this blue thing with asus on it, what is that btw? I've tried to seat it in both pci-e slots, it wont go untill it clicks, it's loose always, and if i get it in there it might work for an hour or two but then, pzzp, back to pixels like space invaders all over the screen.

And I can't slot the graphics card into the bottom pci because the PSU is at the bottom of the case just below that obstructing it.

So the card came to us unseated and I am unable to reseat it, what are my options here? Am I missing something, or do I need either a diff/bigger mobo or a smaller card?

Advice much needed and appreciated, I will be calling the store tomorrow to see what they say i'm a little worried as i've heard bad things about their customer service :pfff:

full specs:

Antec 300 ultimate gaming case
MSI Geforce GTX 560ti 2048mb
Windows 64bit home premium
intel core i5 2500k 3.3ghz
purple fans x 2

OCZs 750w 80+bronze

Kingston Hyper 8gb - 2x 4gig
liquid cooler
motherboard - Asus p8z68-v
Seagate HDD 1tb
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  1. I can assure you that they have not made a motherboard with parts that stop you fitting a GPU on to the motherboard.
    I don't know how you are going about trying to fit the card but its not a case of pushing the front end in first then clicking the back end in after like you do with some ram.

    You need to make sure the catch is fully open then slot the card in straight down and evenly.
    I find it very hard to believe that the actual Card is fouling on the heat sink as you say.
    Yes I understand that you have it in front of you and im sure its doing your head in, I have been in similar situations myself and its frustrating when people say its you and not the hardware but believe me you feel a proper idiot when the person on the other end of the phone comes around after work and just clicks in the part you were sure was designed wrong ;)

    Take a rest and try it again it should go in straight/level and lined up properly.
    I have once before had to kind of hook the end of the card into the catch and drop the front end in but in general straight is best.

    Hope this helps.

    If all else fails you probably have RTB warranty ?

    Mactronix :)
  2. Thanks for the reply.
    I would agree with you if it was just me, but the guys who built the machine also failed to click the card into place as it arrived loose.

    If it was in the bottom pci-e it would fit, but they've put the PSU there.

    Here is a picture with the card attempted to be seated in pci-e #2 - you can see the right side of the card is over the blue asus Mobo sticky out bit and will physically go no further, it is not clicked in and wont go any further

    I close the catch manually around the card but this doesnt solve the problem , im guessing these pixelated screens are from it being loose and not clicked in?

    Or is that a hardware problem?

    I will try again but I spent an entire afternoon trying to reseat it in both pci 1 and 2 to no avail, it's physically impossible to get it to click in those two slots with this size card, which im guessing is why they have pci-e 3 down the bottom, but thats blocked by the PSU cos of the build.
  3. @dent7
    I guess the heatsink on the southbridge chip is what's preventing the card from seating properly. try to do a Mod, remove this heatsink and install any other one that looks quite shorter. Or if you can, change the GTX 560ti to any other mode, if possible.
  4. Thanks, so that blue thing that says ASUS on it is a heatsink?

    Will help me explain it on phone to them if I know. I think i'm gonna call them Monday and see if they can fix this because it's brand new just arrived less than a week ago

    So I sort've feel like I shouldn't have to buy parts to make it work? :s
  5. That usually happen, specially with Asus MOBOs and SLI configuration (Multi GPU Setup) in a lot of Asus MOBOs.
    Contact Overclockers and see if you can get a replacement of the MOBO or the GPU, if the procedure is complicated, get back to report here and i'll guide you to do a mod in your MOBO.
  6. i've just popped round mates house who has asus p8z68 mobo with gtx560 448 core, gigabyte version, and his did fit, abit with only few 2-3 mm spare, it is a tight fit.
    And dont worry about overclockers support, been using them for years, always been great to sort out doa stuff or tech help.
  7. Ok well im now wondering if you are getting hung up on the idea that there should be an audible click when you seat the card ? This is not always the case and you could just have a bad card.
    The first posted picture did look like a bad card.

    The picture of the card seated looks like its seated properly to me.

    Mactronix :)
  8. @mactronix
    what makes me pretty sure that it's "Installment Issue" is that the second pic can be caused due to improper install.

    Try the GPU in another machine if possible to make sure that the GTX 560ti is okay.
  9. You know, i had re-installed my GPU a bit incorrectly (had taken it out for cleaning), wasn't fully inserted because the catch from an empty RAM slot was in the way (mATX mobo)...but the card ran fine, no problems...i was fiddling around with the RAM doing something completely unrelated to the card when i discovered that i had installed the card incorrectly after taking it mactronix's bad card theory may be right...could be either way really...
  10. Is the other possibility I guess, are these screens due to it not being seated or due to a bad card.

    I am hoping for an audible click yes, what makes me think it's not fully in there is the card is moveable when in quite a lot, and seems loose in the slot, after seating it as best I can its quite possible to move it so it shifts around and I can see the connectors so it can't be fully connected

    Here are pictures of what it does to the screen

    I first decided to reseat the card after seeing in the windows experience score it gave the graphics a 2, when I tried to rerun the test it crashed the whole system and restart, after reseating I managed to get it to run, also managed to run benchmark software, then after I had put the case back on, moved the PC physically back into its position and turned it on. Pixels and lines.

    @bwf1975 - is your friends the 2gb mem version? This one is, im not sure if it would be bigger in size than the 1gb version if thats what they had. Was his against the heatsink like that or did he have space to put it in pci-e #3 at the bottom
  11. You know you could just take the PSU out, still connected obviously. Then put the card in the third slot. That way you will know one way or the other if the card is OK or not.

    Mactronix :)
  12. when you guys talk about it being a bad install or installment issue what do you mean, of the card physically in the machine or of drivers?

    It came with the latest drivers installed but I tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling with latest drivers again to see if it made a difference early on and it did nothing.
  13. Looking at both your images and the card images on newegg and other sites, what seems readily apparent is that the custom cooling shroud / heat pipe support angle on the GFX card adds a few mm beyond spec and its hitting the MoBo.

    Ask the builder to swap it for one that fits .... this one from Asus shouldn't be a problem and it's 20MHz faster outta the box ....and cheaper
  14. dent7 said:
    when you guys talk about it being a bad install or installment issue what do you mean, of the card physically in the machine or of drivers?

    It came with the latest drivers installed but I tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling with latest drivers again to see if it made a difference early on and it did nothing.

    I mean the physical placement of the card nothing to do with drivers. Couldn't speak for the others.

    Mactronix :)
  15. The southbridge heatsink is probably hitting the heatpipes of the video card. IMHO. Your custom builder should of noticed that and recommended a change, why they didnt.....well...

    PS, I hope you can find a solution to get a GPU card into the top slot, If i got my fan orientations correct, in that picture showing the 2nd (white slot) it looks like your GPU and power supply fans are close and going to be fighting for air pulling in opposite directions. One of them will win, and the other will be starved for air.
  16. dent7 said:
    when you guys talk about it being a bad install or installment issue what do you mean, of the card physically in the machine or of drivers?.

    The card physically in the machine.
  17. his is seated in top slot, and is 1.3gb version.
    We have been comparing your pics of card in mobo, and looks about rightly seated in slot compared to his, and he suggested that he had same probs with an old card, tryed everything including rma, ended up not enough power to gpu.
    try testing the psu with a meter, im sure someone here to point you to a good guide, maybe psu?
  18. Thanks.

    Currently the PC seems to work on some launches , and not at all on others (pixelation and hangs), and on the starts it does work, after a period of time, even when idle, the pixelation may occour and hang the system.

    I will update this thread with progress, waiting on reply from overclockers still.
  19. yep same as his was, sometimes it start ok, other times it pixalated.
    rma pc to overclockers i think best bet for such new pc
  20. I've decided to refund the card and buy a replacement smaller in size card, rather than get into the whole sending it back, testing, is it fine? Send back to me. Try it again Dragging on and on.

    What with xmas coming up I thought lets just get it replaced and its done with.

    I have to say, the customer service was very accomodating to that on the phone and i'm happy. When I said is it possible to just refund it and he said yes, I was pleasantly surprised after all the horror stories!

    I wouldn't have had the backup knowledge to ask for the refund due to sizing issues or bad GPU if it wasnt for this thread so thank you very much guys, you were all really really helpful, have a great xmas.

    (Am bit gutted as its a damn nice card and got it at a great price but hey ho, such is life)
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