Tutorial badges (Teacher, Lecturer, Professor)

Curious as to what the Teacher, Lecturer and Professor badges are for?

Where are these mystical tutorials? Had a gander at the "Member Rankings" Sticky but there is nothing detailing these badges.
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    As soon as we know what it is, as Moderators, we'll let you know :) . In other words, I don't think no one knows outside of maybe the Adminstrator. :(
  2. These aren't quite ready for rollout in the US yet.
  3. Guess I've not annoyed everyone enough to the point of people knowing I'm using the UK version of the forums. :D
  4. jpishgar said:
    These aren't quite ready for rollout in the US yet.

    That's kind of strange since they've existed for over a year :??:
  5. I think once you figure out what they are, you get the first rank. Once you teach 10 others what they are, you get the second. And once you teach 100 others, you get the third. Unfortunately nobody has reached that first step yet.
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