Ddr400 asrock sound driver

looking for the sound driver for a ddr400 asrock motherboard fitted with an AMD duron chipset
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    Unfortunately, with the information you provide, it would be impossible to find a driver for you.
    DDR 400 is referring to the speed of the memory you motherboard takes, not the model number.
    I you could provide the exact model of your motherboard and/or the exact sound codec along with your operation system we could probably point you at the right driver.
  2. ok thanks I will look at the motherboard again
  3. Hello again
    Looked at the Motherboard and all I can read is that it is an:
    Asrock AGP 8X .
    The sound board is aC media AC97 .

    I have formatted my HDD. But have no drivers for the motherboard. I have downloaded the drivers for the sound Board ( at least i think so). The sound still does not work so I am having an en-exucated guess it is the main board drivers that are missing?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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