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I recently purchased a DLINK 655 router. Since I was upgrading my technology to Wireless N, I had to do a few things. First off, I have two older laptops, one vista pc, and one XP pc that were only compatible with G networks. So I went and bought 2 airlink101 awll6075 wireless n mini usb adapter capable of 150 mbps. (I know why get those? Cheap...but not 300 mbps) Anyways, I am only getting 52 mbps, less than G. I have both USB Nics configured to WPA2 with AES encryption. It is also configured like this on my router. I went to the wireless adapters and they are set to B/G/N mixed. (No option for N only) My dir-655 is set to N only so I can keep the other frequencies out. All is set to channel 10 after SSID scans of other networks in my area. All my computers are in close distance to my router. I have upgraded the firmware on my router and on the newly purchased Nics. The nics are 2.4 frequency and my router is set to 20/40 MhZ auto. This is the only thing I can think of as to why I can not connect with at least 150 mbps on the wireless nics. I also have a 360 S hardwired along with a desktop computer that is hardwired hooking up to my TV. What could possibly be the issue to not getting 150 or something close to it speeds? I shut down QoS and anything I thought would conflict. Very rarely do I get anything above 65 MBPS on my laptops. Could it be the frequency of the NICS interfering with better speed results? I have the Comcast Boost (20 MBPS hardwired on speedtest) I cant get above 8 to 10 mbps running speedtests on my router. Can someone please help?


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  1. Dlink 655 is about the top router in terms of speed tests-- kills apple and other routers and has a high degree of detailed programability plus an excellent USB port system....I have tested it and found on some lower grade and older computers (especially HP) they simply cannot get very good high-end speeds on the wireless card and the speeds are not stable. But when you connect N and N+(must have N+ with rated speeds to get those speeds) you do very well...Also some systems seems to have some kind of sharing of the CPU resources hence a slow laptop would further pull down speed.
  2. Thanks for the response. As I stated before, I bought two N USB adapters than are capable of 150 mbps. I am still only getting 52 mbps and 65 mbps. Dlink said I need to buy 'their' usb nics to get those speeds....doubtful.
  3. That's not true , i have a Dlink dir825 ROUTER and i have to powerlink adapters and they run better than the dlink ones i use to use!
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