NVidia 540M vs ATI 6490M

Hey dudes, I was looking for a laptop with good gaming oriented features in BUDGET. :sol:

I found nVidia gt 540M in Acer & for the same price, got ATI 6490M in HP.

So which one of the two is better and by how much??? I couldnt find any benchmarks on it.

Plz reply

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  1. Yo gam0reily.

    Really want a floptop ?
  2. gam0reily said:
    I couldnt find any benchmarks on it.

    Click on a few games on any settings, you will find that the 540M is better.
  3. Here is a link to performance (slow loading).
    Looks like the 540M would be a better choice. It's a class 2 (6490M is the lowest class 2 listest. Individula game performance is listed on the right side (lower portion).

    Note a 2nd advantage with the Nvidia GPU, when paired with a SB notebook, is the ability to switch between GPU and IGP when switching between 2D and 3D applications - AMD stillllll working on getting this to work well. Affects battery life mostly.
  4. yo robjordy, dude i am an 18 yr old college dude who just wants some fun gaming in budget, coz within a yr, i m gonna get a laptop, so i thought , why not get it now? I 'll be saving 'bout 800$ on a desktop, and getting a nyc lappy. Plus, the specs r gud -

    i5 2.3 GHz
    4GB ram DDR3
    750/500 GB sata
    and nvidia 540m 2 or 1 gb/ ati 6490m 1gb

    Ryt now, I am just checkin' all my options. i havn't finalised yet.
  5. oh sh*t! looks lyk i wont be able 2 play skyrim and dirt 3 properly frm these benches.
    the F do I do?
  6. Yeah, if you really need one, well . . .

    But that's what i mean, they kinda suck compared to desktops.
  7. yeah man. What wud hav been awesum is tht they could have squeezed a 560M with and i3 and given 320-500 Gb HDD + price increase of say 10-12%.

    That wud hav been swell!!!!
  8. Give me a budget? I will try to find one laptop.
  9. @refillable, lets say 800-900$, including all charges. thx in advance! :-D
  10. That budget is very hard to get GTX 560M, Maximum you will get 6770M or 555M, you might find one refurbrished but.
    If you want new, You buy in newegg no problem? If you can't try to find it on other stores.
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834246221 for 555M
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834158058 for 6770M

    I like the 6770M more because it has i7 instead of i5. But it is a bit more expensive at $900 free shipping. I don't also care about screen sizes whether it is 15.6" or 17.3". Basically 15.6" is more portable.

    I think both should run skyrim and battlefield 3 in low and medium setting a 40+ fps.

    See reviews here
    http://www.notebookcheck.net/AMD-Radeon-HD-6770M.43955.0.html for 6770M
    http://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForce-GT-555M.41933.0.html for 555M
  11. @refillable, thx for the info. I was looking at hp too and found some good laptops . BTW, what card is NVidia N12P-GV1 DDR3???? I found some posts stating it was equivalent to a 310M! Is that true?
  12. gam0reily said:
    @refillable, thx for the info. I was looking at hp too and found some good laptops . BTW, what card is NVidia N12P-GV1 DDR3???? I found some posts stating it was equivalent to a 310M! Is that true?

    N12P-GV1? Where do you find that? Show me?
  13. Oh you don't tell me you from India. I like HP more you know. Maybe the specification those in USA is different than in India. So you know, there will be a difference on the GPU. Check the local HP dealer and check if it has 6770M.
  14. Well, on the HP site they give 6700M for about Rs. 56,000 , thats bout 1050$!
    My budget ain't do thrifty. Plus, this is gonna be my first laptop. So don't wanna over-indulge if u know wat i mean. I think i'll get Acer, coz for 850$, it packs a solid punch.
    here's the link 2 my selection -


    BTW, I also got my eye on this timelinex laptop from acer -


    although, the timelinex's battery is almost twice as good and it's looks kill. but it has only got 3 gigs of RAM, only 1GB graphics and no usb 3.0. I have an external hard drive (seagate goFlex 500GB) which is USB 3.0 enabled, and I use it a lot 2 make backups frequently. So, I am leaning towards buying the aspire model.
  15. Look at 56000 Rupees o.0

    I forget if HP prices in India are far too big differences. Get the Acer Aspire, Only buy timelinex when you bring our laptop outside to cafe, airport or whatever. When you don't go outside with your laptop then get the Aspire one.
  16. yeah, i'll get aspire. i am ready 2 give up the looks of timelinex, but tht baby looked sUwEEET!

    and aboout hp, yeah, look how small they are offering for such steep a price. i mean, 6770M may give 7-8 more fps at higher settings in games of '11, but that is no argument 2 pocket our money!!
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