Cpu + mb ?

what do you guys think?
this is what i have as of now:
cooler master advance II 690 case (mid tower)
enermax revo 85+ 920w (80+silver cert) psu
sapphire HD 6870 1gb ddr5 video cards-2 of them
corsair H-100 water cooler
now its time for cpu and mb - I am thinking 2500k and .... ?
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  1. Any z68 board priced in the $100-$150ish range should be fine (though i recommend you check out reviews quickly before finalizing your decision).

    Consider air cooling in lieu of the H-100. A good air cooler will perform similarly and cost much less! If you just really want to have liquid, that's ok too. Cheers.
  2. yes i think budget,v-pro:yes,but similar in price is maximus iv gene z /gen3,but micro?
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