2500K vs 3570K vs 2550K which one to buy

Hey everybody,

this is my first post and I decided to build my first own computer from scratch. (ca 1000-1200$)

I will use this computer mainly for gaming, listening to music and normal school work.

The last few days I tried to start getting some parts together and decided to start with the CPU ;)

So what would be the best CPU for a gaming computer, which I could upgrade in a few years if I have to?

Should I take the 3570K (Ivy Bridge), so I would have the possibility for PCI Express 3.0 GPUs.
Or should I go with the 2500K/2550K. -> is there much difference between them?? As much as I read they're pretty much the same...

The other parts I will pick after I know what kind of CPU I will get. I hope that is the right way to go!

I am sorry for my English I am not a native speaker :)

Thanks already for your time and help

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    PCIe 3.0 isn't going to be an issue for GPUs for a while...GPUs aren't close to saturating the PCIe 2.0 bandwidth yet, the only thing that does so currently are some PCIe SSDs.

    The difference between the 2500K and 2550K is marginal; the 2500K has a built-in GPU, the 2550K doesn't. The 2550K has a slightly higher base clock speed but as both are overclockable, that's pretty irrelevant. Theoretically the 2550K can go a bit further than the 2500K, but it's pretty academic for practical performance gains.

    The 3570K is the successor the the 2500K and is a very good CPU, however when overclocked it can get a lot hotter than the 2500K. I believe, but not with 100% accuracy, that this can limit the 3570K to 4.5GHz before small speed gains result in excessive increases in temperature (the 2500K can reach up to 5GHz in some cases, but this depends on your specific CPU...not all CPUs are made equal due to minute differences from chip to chip). The 3570K is also a slightly better performer than the 2500K / 2550K due to it being based on newer technology.

    For a gaming rig which you wanted to overclock and not upgrade for a few years, I'd have to say the 2550K really, as they're of a price with the 2500K. That CPU will do you for 4 - 5 years (although you made need a GPU upgrade along the way). The 3570K is newer and slightly better, but with the temp issue IMHO it's not as good for a gaming system. However, it's not a show stopper - just something to be aware of.
  2. thank you for this detailed answer ;)
    I think then I will go with 2550K. I already thought this will be the one I take, just wanted to make sure !
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  4. Just a quick question. What do you guys think how much money should I spend on my GPU?? (My Budget is around 1000-1200$)
    I heard about I should spend about half of my budget on GPU, CPU, so you guys think 250-300$ would be fine?

    And MOBO gets about 120-150$??
  5. Thanks for the vote. :)

    $250-300 for a GPU is a decent amount. Right now, the best card to go for is the AMD 7850, which is in that price range.

    That's also a reasonable amount for a to get as good a model as you can, as they will have better OC options. My personal rule of thumb is to find one that supports SLI, as they tend to be the higher range options and will give you a good bit to play with for OCing.
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