Can I add any decent graphics card to this Dell Optiplex 390?

We bought everyone at work an Optiplex 390 ("desktop" - it's the middle-sized one out of the group. I would need a low profile card).

They're nice little machines - Core i3, 4GB Ram, etc. However, they suck for gaming, obviously. I think the PSU is pretty weak, but was wondering what is the best card I can throw in that would work with this, if any? I'd want to play SC2 on medium settings if possible. I think the limitation lies in the low end PSU - so it would have to be a low powered card probably a few years old. The PSU is 250W I believe. Yeah, it's weak - but I figured that may be some old card that would give a little life into the machines for gaming - just looking for something to do during lunch without having to bring in my gaming rig.

Any suggestions?
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  1. a 5670/6670 maybe
  2. I had an old Optiplex 320 and the biggest card I could run is a GT 220. anyway Two sites to check out one is a psu calculator. On the other site tells you which card are better. Maybe with both you can find a gpu that worked. ON the wed site that you posted it gave you some options, just wondering.,3067-7.html

    Good luck
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