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When I view other user's details, either by looking at their page or just clicking the "Member Information" link on their posts, the Join Date value is "Tue Jan 01, 1970".

Surely this is a bug with the potential that the actual joined date isn't being stored and they'll automatically be awarded "Lieutenant", "Captain" and "Admiral" badges with just being a new member?
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    Yes.. It is a bug / issue from the last major forum update. All member that were currently members, I believe 2008 (maybe 2007) were defaulted back to Tue Jan 01, 1970. It has never been fixed, nor do I think it will since I believe their original date was changed (one of the old Vets could provide more details, as it was before my time :D )
  2. I see.

    Is there a known issues thread / list that's available? I'm just posting bugs to try and be helpful but it's a bit of a waste of time for other people to have to respond to stuff that's already known.
  3. No, I haven't seen a "Known Issues" list thread. No problem with you posting issues, as though they may be know but could've have been forgotten about, so never addressed.
  4. It is a result of the last forum upgrade. The join dates reverted based on Unix time.

    You pointing out issues is always appreciated. This one, however, is a known issue, and not likely to be fixed.

  5. Wish there was a known bug that could change my planet joining date of 1946 to 1970. :D

  6. Couldn't have all users with an Epoch join date be updated to use the date of their first post? In the majority of cases it's likely to be close to the original join date - it'll certainly be more accurate the the Epoch that's for sure!

    Guess it doesn't matter that much but it doesn't look very good.
  7. It's on "the list" of stuffs to be fixed.
  8. April 2006 was deleted from my profile as well as my Honarary Resident of THGC designation. +4 points when the complicated Forum point counter switch is working. It usually works well 2-4 am when no one is posting and doing the addition is simplified.

    Based on number of posts.

    1. 0 stranger
    2. 25 newbie
    3. 50 journeyman
    4. 100 member
    5. 200 enthusiast
    6. 400 addict
    7. 700 old hand
    8. 1100 nimble knuckle
    9. 1600 Honorary Poster
    10. 2200 Faithful Poster
    11. 2900 Ancient Poster
    12. 3700 Eternal Poster
    13. 4600 Forum Veteran
    14. 5600 Forum Fixture
    15. 6700 Forum Resident
    16. 7900 Forum Master
    17. 9200 Forum Gigolo
    18. 10600 Honorary Veteran of THGC
    19. 12100 Honorary Fixture of THGC
    20. 13700 Honorary Resident of THGC
    21. 15400 Honorary Master of THGC
    22. 17200 Honorary Gigolo of THGC
    23. 19100 Honorary Guru of THGC
    24. 30000 Master Historian of THGC
    25. 45000 Master Gigolo of THGC
    26. 62000 Master Guru of THGC
    27. 80000 Master Wizard of THGC
    28. 100000 Master Elder of THGC
  9. I liked those names. I can't remember what I was at when they switched though.

    And I certainly can't remember when I joined, though I would like to know that too.
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  11. I can't seem to post new topics or reply to existing topics unless I use the "quick reply." I'd have posted a new topic about it as per board policy but, well.....
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