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One day I walked into my room and smelled burning electronics and now when I do anything graphic intensive my PC restarts. I mainly game but even if it's a 3D modeling my PC just restarts. I think it's my video card but I'm not exactly sure. Would a faulty video card do this? Is there a program I can use to create a log file upon crash? I apologize if this is in the wrong forum but I didn't really see a tech support forum :(
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  1. I've done that, CPU was running a little hot so I went out and got some new thermal paste and that put it back in check, but I'm not sure about my GPU.
    At the moment my PC temps are(at idle browsing forums)
    CPU Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.67GHz 50ºC
    Mobo ASUSTek Computer INC. P6T SE 40ºC
    GPU GeForce GTX 285 (EVGA) 45ºC

    My CPU was at 46 but as soon as I typed it it j umped up to 50
    Thanks for the help so far by the way
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