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Living Room vs My Bedroom


My family has a 46" Samsung Armani HDTV ( )in our living room. I was wondering, should I station the PC I am gonna build in the living room or in my room? My room has a big computer desk but playing the games on the TV at times would be nice.


EDIT: Oh, almost forgot.. Here is my build, just in case:

EDIT2: I should have mentioned my network configuration. There is another reason I want to know. My router is also downstairs since all of the computers (we have 2) are downstairs, so the router is also downstairs. If I put it downstairs, I can run a wire to my PC and have a more reliable connection. However, my dad sometimes sleeps on the couch, and he might not like me on in the middle of the night. In my room, I can play at night since my mom is a heavy sleeper. So there are advantages and disadvantages. With that being said, is it worth putting the computer downstairs for a wired connection but cranky dad or upstairs and use the wireless card I have in my build?

Also, I have two soft spots to rest while playing BF3 but with the couch I don't need a pillow to higher my head. However, with my bed, I can just grab a few pillows and be super comfy. I like playing with the most relaxation as I can possibly get.
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    IMHO playing on a big screen is overrated for most games, you need to do accurate stuff and the monitor usually has much better image quality than the HDTV's. You will probably do better just installing it in your room and using the monitor you have.
  2. Thanks for your opinion. It would be nice to alternate between the TV and the Monitor though. :P
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  4. Of course if you have no issues with space so that you can have it around the HDTV ( within about 50 feet or so ) you can always connect both and use the HDTV when it suits you :)
  5. ok.. i seen the newegg 1 and lower your gfx card to a gtx 570 and your cpu to i5 2500k
  6. My CPU is an i5-2500k, and why change GPU..?
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