New build on hold, can i use new parts with current hdd, OS, and ram?

Hey all, so basically im trying to finish up my first ever rig but am out of cash till i sell a couple things..

the specs of the new computer parts i have so far are:

PSU - Thermaltake Black Widow 850w (80+ bronze)

Mobo - Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3

GPU - Msi R6950 2gb Twin Frozr III OC/Power Edition

CPU - Sandy Bridge intel i5-2500k stock 3.3ghz turbo to 3.7ghz

The above parts i have sitting around till i buy the rest (OS, SSD, Second card for crossfire, the ram, and maybe water cooling, but i doubt it.)

Right now i have this desktop below -- except with 6Gb of ram.. I could only find the 4GB version on the website.

I just had a thought, since i already have my games like BF3 waiting, that maybe I could use my HDD with the OS Win 7 on it, along with my current ram, with my new mobo and other parts to hold me over until i finish it.. And if everything IS compatible, if there is anything special id have to do to make my current ram and OS work with the new parts. (temporarily of course, to where i could switch the hdd and ram back to my current computer later..

Thanks in advance
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  1. As long as your old ram is DDR3 like listed in the specs you linked, you should be able to use that.

    I don't know about the old OS already installed on the old HDD. It might boot up in safe mode maybe so you could start removing old drivers/install new drivers. If you reinstalled fresh from disk it should work until activation starts complaining.

    Either way, I have to point out that the MS OEM license agreement does not allow installation of that copy on another machine so I'm not recommending it. Of course you make your own decision on this since your situation is temporary. Alternatively, you could also try one of the free linux distributions for kicks.
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