Computer turns off (semi-randomly)

Hey all,

The short version is that I boot my PC up in the evenings (it's off all day) and sometimes while playing games things will start to slow down and sometimes turn off completely. However a reboot always seemed to bring everything back and working once more.

It always seemed like a reboot fixed the issue. (So I figured it was a Windows problem). However over the past two weeks or so the time I've been able to use my desktop between "random shutdowns" has decreased, now I can't even get it to stay on for 60 seconds. I thought it might be overheating so I grabbed a can of air and went to town on it, no luck.

Another thing I've noticed is that my fans seem to stop spinning (or they start and then stop), I figured they were clogged up but now I'm not so sure that's the problem.

Anyway, thoughts greatly appreciated.
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  1. Download Speccy and check your temps, fans do vary speed on some systems, like Asus cool'n quiet.
    If you can run it long enough!) Might be best to see if you can monitor temps in BIOS...
  2. Nope, can't get that far. I've had it off for a while now but still about a minute after boot it just shuts down. I've checked the temperatures in the BIOS and although they are a bit high I recalling checking my temperatures a while ago (other unrelated problem) and the readings now are about the same as they were before.
  3. Any onboard graphics you could use temporariy?

    2nd thoughts that probably won't help. Still thinking along the lines of excess heat, wonder if the fans not running is a sign of psu problems, are you able to try a different psu?
  4. Nope, I've got no spare parts. However I have a feeling it is the power supply just wanted to get more opinions on the matter (since I've never seen one fail before, at least fail gradually).
  5. Guess psu/ motherboard are the main suspects, psu cheapest to replace...
  6. If you have a multimeter you could check the voltages, the 12v rail being the one to watch as it powers the fans
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