Budget Gaming PC(Nothing extreme) Help

An older guy I work with wants me to build him the most basic cheap gaming rig I can. Keep in mind I'm new to building, this is my first build. And I'm not even paying for it :D But I do understand how a pc works and what does what and what goes where.

-What tools am I absolutely gonna need? I'd rather use a tooless Case, but just incase I have to tear his old unit down completely.

-He initially only intends to play 2 games on it specifically and some basic word processing, C&C4 and Medal of Honor Airbourne, both of which I believe run on DX9 which makes this a little cheaper I guess.

-Budget is strict $500 max, before rebate, with OS.(wtf ikr)

- He wants to use Windows XP as his OS..which also saves cash.

-He asked if I could salvage any of the parts from his old rig. Which I then explained isn't practical in the long run due to fail probability and just poop quality as its an ACER he bought 5 years ago at Best Buy.(DVDCDRW,Fans,RAM,case maybe?lol)(Note:I dont have his old PC yet to examine, but I am picking it up tomorrow AM and can post specs.

-He supposedly has a NVIDIA graphics card, not sure on the quality..but im guessing its 4-5 years old(remember he only needs DX9)...can this be used or intergrated somehow efficiently?(I can post the model tomorrow AM when I pick it up)

-The common question: AMD or intel? Im thinking he needs atleast 2.8ghz, but 3.0ghz or higher is always a better idea...but does he need it? Can a cheaper CPU be overclocked to meet all his wildest dreams for a good price?

-He wants to be able to upgrade once he has to.(he doesn't plan on playing any of the newer games for a while.) So im thinking a somewhat more expensive mobo is required.
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  1. I am not experienced at suggesting recommendations at this low budget, so all I will say is AMD is probably best at such a low one.
  2. Only $100 for the FX-4100 though, and its a quad core that cruizes at 3.6ghz with 3.8ghz capability...seems to good to be true for a benjamin.
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