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First boot up....NOTHING! Help!

I just put together my first system. I feel like I have everything connected well. It powers up and all the fans spin but I'm getting nothing on my monitor. No signal.

I have a Z68 Gen3 motherboard and GTX 560 Ti graphics card. What kind of troubleshooting can I do here? Maybe it's not even my graphics/MOBO connection. Could be something else???

I'm clueless. There is no OS on my system. I had the Windows 7 CD in my optical drive when I booted up.
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  1. Have you tried connecting to your GPU and mobo output separately? Is the monitor working well (i.e. have you tested it previously)? Are all the connections fitted well? Are you using both VGA + DVI together? or perhaps VGA + DVI + HDMI? - try putting it only on one output.

    It's possible the BIOS has set the monitor to output the signal from one or the other and has to be changed... Post back with the results of plugging into the other ports.

    If that doesn't work...
    Try removing one stick of RAM (if you have more than one) OR try changing the slot (if you are only using 1 stick of RAM)

    Also check...
    Do you hear any beeps coming from your mobo?
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    What are the rest of your system specifications (PSU, etc)?

    I'd be remiss if I didn't link this helpful guide as well:
  3. Thanks! No beeps coming from Mobo on boot up. I have two sticks of RAM (4GB x 2). Only connection I've tried is DVI as that's the only output on the graphics card.

    Thanks and bear with me here. I'm new at this and feeling like I'm in a little over my head.
  4. Okay, I'm officially dumb I guess. It was the CPU power connector. All I saw was an 8 pin and I just had 4 pins on my PSU (600W). Plugged the 4-pin in and I'm good to go. Sorry for sounding the alarms. Thanks! :-)
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