700$ Basic gaming pc

Antec 300 Illusion
GTX 550 ti
8gb 1333
Asus mobo
500gb 7200rpm
i5 2400 3.1GHz
corsair 600w psu
692$ on newegg
This is for my friend who isn't much of a enthusiast
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  1. Not sure what you are looking for here? General comments? Do you want to know what parts you should change out for others?

    If the Corsair 600w is the CX 600, I would change it to an XFX Pro 550w Core.

    If the HD is Hitachi, I would change it to Samsung, Seagate, or Western Digital.

    If the RAM isn't Crucial, you should change it out for CT2KIT51264BA1339 instead.

    Might want to trade the 550 TI for a 6850 instead. The 6850 is pretty much the gold standard for budget cards.
  2. its a WD hd and a i like GTX card so would i 460 be a better option? and its g skill ram
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