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Acer Aspire 5935G sound drivers 64bit

I have a acer aspire 5935G 64bit running Windows 7 home premium and cannot for the life of me get the internal speakers to work so any help or guidance on what I am doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.
I have been on the acer website and downloaded Audio_Realtek_6.0.1.5932_W7x64W7x86_A as recomended by the site but to no joy.
At first I just downloaded and tried to install which didn't work - well it said it did but the little speaker in the bottom left has a 'x' in the centre when clicked it says there is a issue and tries to fix it then fails.
My device manager has one failed driver 'with yellow/orange exclamation mark' on high definition audio controller. Other sound drivers that do not have a error are another high def audio controller which are both in the system devices section, and then theres a hdmi audio controller in speakers and sound section.
I then tried to disable then uninstall all sound drivers and try again which gave me the same result as above.
Now after unstalling it one click on speaker and it installs windows audio drivers which do not work.

Any help please
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    After lots of messing about and many driver attempts I have figured it out!!!!!!
    It was a conflicting driver in the audio, disable all drivers and enable them in a different sequence and behold 'There was sound!'
    I think the cause was the order windows in its glory downloaded them automatically in the wrong order causing the hdmi output to be the primary.

    This amount of messing about came about when all hope was lost I tried running from a ubuntu boot disc and sound was instant.

    Solve my own problems :)
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