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Why does my computer monitor randomly shut shut off

hello all,

My computer monitor has been shutting off completely randomly for the past two months and it's extremely frustrating. What happens is:

-monitor goes black and seems to have lost the signal

-if i am listening to music, the sound shuts off

-the light on my mouse (blue) turns off

-the light on my tower stays ON(solid, not blinking), though i cannot shut the computer down manually by holding this during this state

-the two fans i have keep running

-the only way to turn off my system is to flip the power surge protector off for at least 30 seconds(sometimes longer) and flip it back on again

I've cleaned my cpu heatsink as well as dust and alcohol swabbed just about everything on my computer. I have an on board graphics card as well as a discerte higher quality graphics card which is what i actually use. What i've done in testing is taken out my discrete card and used my onboard card and the problem still occurs. i've tested each of my four RAM DDR2 sticks and slots and the problem still exists. Even in SAFE mode, the problem stills exists.

-this problem occurs at random times meaning it could be idling, i could be watching youtube videos, i could be reading articles online, i could be in microsoft word, i could be playing multiplayer games(RTS's/Shooters), i could be doing ANYTHING and it still happens. Sometimes it will stay on without the problem for days, other times it will happen multiple times a day in rapid succession.

ANYONE. please. help. me... everyone's thoughts are welcome and appreciated.
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  1. possibly a failing power supply or failing ram.
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    What does event viewer say happened ?

    Any dmp files ? Upload them here:
  3. Are you overclocking?
    What about your motherboard's BIOS? Are you using the latest?
    Drivers for your devices? Are you using the latest and greatest?
  4. sooo update... my computer just did it again after two days of being fine.. when i booted it back up i had a screen come up telling me all my components and stuff like it usually would after it happened and i noticed that it said """"CMOS battery bad""""...

    what does this mean? is it the circular battery on my mobo?? if so.. would that be the thing causing my computer to do this?? need some answers... let me know guys!! thanks a lot.
  5. Well if it said the CMOS battery is bad replace it. They aren't very expensive.
  6. thanks helltech, i will do that.. but, do you have any idea if that would be the only thing that's making my computer do this?
  7. also, in the same screen where it said that the battery was bad it said CMOS checksum bad or wrong or something. can't remember exactly.. what does this mean??
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