Need info on oem/tray cpus.

i am looking at a few deals on oem cpus which have 'bk' in their serial numbers. i don't know about their performance, warranties, performance, longevity (especially with oc) etc. the cpus are -
core i5 2300, 2400, 2500 (non k) and i7 2600 (non k).
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    They have a shorter warranty (30days) no cooling device but should be just as good as their boxed counterparts!
    A none K Intel SB CPU will have very little overclocking headroom if any!
  2. 30 days... damn...
  3. I have bought a couple of OEM AMD CPU's and two are still up and running after several years! CPU's are probably the most reliable hardware in your computer, either broken on delivery or they will last.
  4. i didn't know about 30 days warranty. i figured it'd be a year instead of 3. now that i re-think about the prices and the boxed ones' prices, the difference doesn't seem worth it.
  5. 30 days rma to supplier after that 1 year via Intel.

    Go for boxed, prices difference isn't worth worrying about, the cooler is!
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  7. thanks for the input guys. :)
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