3 displays, no display port on graphic card or display

i have a GIGABYTE R575SL-1GI graphic card without DP connection, and 3 monitors without DP connection.
Motivated by a Gigabyte forum master's reponse to another tread, i bought an active display port connector, only to afterwards find out that it didnt fit in any of my available connections :) (I was thinking that this 'active display port'-thingy was something on itself with an USB connection on it, not knowing about the existence of display port PORTS - silly)
So I started looking for a female active display port to male hdmi, what i actually also found in the end. I didnt buy this yet cause i'd like to hear if this will work or not??
So i'll be connecting my third monitor by dvi to active display port device, which will be connected again to the female DP to hdmi device, what will be corrected to the HDMI port of my graphic card (which runs already two monitors via its 2 DVI connections)
Will this seriously work, or not at all??
Thanks a lot!

extra question in case it won't: can i buy myself a second graphic card (type GIGABYTE R677SL-1GD) and connect directly or via that active DP my third and eventually even fourth display, and those will run as 3 or 4 independent monitors? (as in: i can do 3 or 4 different things just as with a simple 2-monitor set-up? (no duplication)
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  1. This is a good question. On all ATI cards the HDMI port is always connected to one of the DVI ports meaning you can only use either or. The need for the active DP-DVI adaptor is to supply the third clock signal for the third display, but given that the HDMI would already be sharing the clock + DAC with one of the DVI connections (already in use) I would have to guess that it would not work. I have never tried nor know of anyone that has though sorry.

    You can get a second card and connect your third (and forth) monitor to it and it will (remember not to include the crossfire bridge) work however you will not be able to define a display group (eyefinity) to make one extended screen area for gaming or similar.

    Hope that helps, sorry I cant be more concrete in my response but I do not know of this setup being used anywhere.
  2. thanks a lot for the reply!
    I'll be selling my active DP in this case, and get a second graphic card instead. I won't be needing extended screens, just 4 'solo' screens where i can drag things from 1 screen to any other (just one will have the desktop taskbar)
  3. You should be able to go 3 screens in extended mode using the two DVI and the VGA ports on the back of the card.
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