$500 gaming pc

Approximate Purchase Date: this week

Budget Range:$550 after rebate,shipping and GST(5%)(shipping and GST usually equal 50$)

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, surfing the internet, school stuff

Parts Not Required: monitor,keyboard,mouse, CD drive, hard drive(I have a 500gb sata),
if also have a cicero ATX case but its over 5 years old and have no fans in it. so i expect that i would have to buy a new one but it would be great if i could and spend teh money on other parts of the pc.(i can post pictures if wanted...but its 5 years old)

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: (canada) .the Canadian version is usually more expensive but has same inventory as its american counterpart.

Country: Edmonton/Alberta/Canada

Parts Preferences: no preference

Overclocking: no..but it would be nice for down the road

SLI or Crossfire:no, but would be nice if it could

Monitor Resolution: 1440x900 and possibly a 42" 1080p plasma

Additional Comments: i would like to be able to hook it up to my 42" plasma and play some games(with reduced graphics of course)it has hdmi,vga and s-video outputs.
if I have bean unclear or forgot something just post it and deal with it ASP.
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  1. cpu-i3 2120(117$)/i5 2400 (if u want to overclock)
    gpu-radeon hd 6850($150)
    mother board-Gigabyte - H61M-DS/AS Rock America - H61M-S
    psu-corsair cx 500(about70$)
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    (you may have to substitute a different 6770 if this one is sold out for $20 more)

    Sub Total: $529.96 + gst and fuel.

    Add any fans to your existing case as you can, if the case doesn't work out you will need a new case.
  3. It's a 2500k/z68 sli/crossfire board combo, 8gb mem kit, hd-6770, Silverstone
    Strider Essential 500W Power Supply
  4. Memory express in Winnipeg sold me a upgrade kit on sale, a A6-3650/gigabyte crossfire board for $129 after rebates. OCZ Fata1ty 550 for $24.99 after rebate. So I "owe" them one.

    Also i bought a bunch of seagate 500 gig's for $34.95 when they were going for cheap.

    They beat newegg and you don't have to wait for stuff to come in the mail.
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  6. thanks for all your help
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