Asus Matrix GTX 580 Heat issues...

Ok so I own an Asus Matrix GTX 580 card, an its great... However I have strange issues. It is in a HAF X Case on a Crosshair V Formula motherboard. When the Case is standing vertically(like it should be), it generates a lot of heat... I cant overclock it because it overheats, an sometimes even crashes randomly... But when I have the case laying down on its side, all the heat jus goes away... An the card runs an overclocks like a dream..

I would like my case to stand vertically but this issue is confusing... I believe its the fact that the card is so big, that the custom cooler on it shifts down an makes heat contact with the GPU unit itself, less than it should be... I feel this is an issue because it causes my games to lag up and crash, and also makes the cards temperature increase... I have had my card crash an BSOD many times... but i have had no problems ever since i put my case into a vertical position. Is there a way I can prevent this from happening, or would I be better off somehow finding a case that is horizontal(i was thinkin about jus gettin some kind of test bench an leavin the board an stuff outside....)?

Thank you! An thx for readin thru all this :D
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    gpu temps?

    With the case vertical, it idles at around 45c most of the time, an for furmark it easily reaches 90c. With it horizontal, it idles at around 28c, with furmark reaching 70-75c at stock speed.

    Psu is a CM silent pro 1000W
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    Furmark is not a game and is not recommended to stress your card as this can lead to a dead gpu, unless you are 100% you know what you are doing.
    70-90c is fine for that card and it is not overheating.
    cpu temps whilst under full load?

    The temperature after using prime 95 for about 15 minutes on Large FFT is 45c with the case sitting horizontally. It is an 1100t with a Silver Arrow heatsink.
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